10 Best FREE Unique Launchers for Android in 2023

A lot of people might not like the default start that an Android phone/tablet comes with. In general, the Android phone/tablet UI is based on the stock ROM, such as MIUI, Funtouch OS, Realme UI, One UI, etc.

Launchers allow you to completely transform the look of your Android device. A launcher lets you customize anything on your Android phone or tablet, such as: B. the appearance of your app drawer, icons and notifications, and add gestures to your device.

The PlayStore is full of Android launchers; If you look for one, you will find plenty. Of all these launchers, which one should you choose?

In this article, we list the best free unique launchers for Android phone/tablet that you can install on your device to fully customize it.

The best free unique launchers for android

The best thing about Android phones and tablets is that you can customize them. There are Android launchers that allow you to change the look of your device from that of the default launcher on your phone. Below is a list of some of the best free unique launchers for Android phones and tablets.

1. Nova Launcher

We want to start our list of the best and most unique Android launchers with Nova Launcher. This launcher can be used to make a complete makeover of your device. Everything from the theme to the icons can be customized with this launcher. Nova Launcher gives your device the stock Android look.

You can choose the native icons of the Nova Launcher or the system icon pack. Additionally, you can install third-party icon packs and use them with Nova Launcher. You can also customize the screen and get a new set of widgets. You can also add and customize gestures on your device.

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2. Microsoft launcher

Another great launcher for Android devices is Microsoft Launcher. This app is more of a productivity launcher that integrates well with Microsoft services. If you are a Windows PC user, you will love this launcher for its functionality with all Microsoft services.

You can connect Microsoft apps like Tasks, Calendar, Mail, OneNote and more to Microsoft Launcher. Mircosoft Launcher allows you to customize the icons on your Android device. You can also switch between dark and light themes in this launcher.

3. Smart Launcher 6

If you want a minimalist Android launcher, you can choose Smart Launcher 6. Smart Launcher 6 is easy to use and has an elegant design. The launcher is fully customizable and can completely transform the look of your device.

The launcher automatically categorizes your apps so you can find them more easily. It features a unique app icon style. In addition, you can choose from different themes to style your device.

4. Action Launcher: Pixel Edition

Pixel devices are better known for the stock Android experience. Action Launcher Pixel Edition gives your Android phone and tablet a makeover like that of a Pixel. Everything from the icon to the layout will be similar to the Google Pixel devices.

Action Launcher offers features like widget stack, action search, covers, shutters, quick drawer, customizable launcher and more. The launcher is supported on phones, phablets and tablets. You can also import items from other launchers that you may have used before.

5. deckchair

Lawnchair is a fast and smooth launcher that allows you to fully customize your phone. This launcher has similar features and customization as Pixel Launcher on Pixel devices. Besides Pixel Launcher features, Lawnchair Launcher also has the latest Android features.

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Lawnchair features an adjustable dock and drawer. Apps installed on your device are organized into different categories. It also supports QuickSwitch, which allows you to customize the Recents menu. You need to download the latest version of the launcher from the official website because the play store has an old listing of the launcher.

6. Niagara Launcher

Niagara Launcher is a launcher for those looking for productivity while maintaining a minimalist approach. You get all notifications right on your home screen, while the app drawer shows your favorite apps arranged alphabetically.

Wave Alphabet allows you to search for any app on your phone without using the app drawer. In addition, the notifications are displayed on the home screen. You can also reply to messages directly from the notifications on the home screen.

7. Apex Launcher

Another great launcher that we included in this list is Apex Launcher. This is a free launcher that is smooth and fully customizable. This launcher has free icon packs and themes to change everything on your phone from scratch.

This launcher also has an app locker to lock your apps and you can also hide the apps on your phone. You can also get fancy transition effects with this launcher. You can hide and add items like a status bar, dock, and more in the launcher.

8. Launcher iOS 16

If you find Android launcher boring, try Launcher iOS 16. This launcher gives you the look of iOS 16 on your Android device. Your device will have everything similar to iOS 16 including icons, theme, UI, notifications, etc.

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The launcher has various features including Control Center and Assistive Touch. This launcher allows you to use free wallpapers available on iPhone.

9. AIO Launcher

AIO Launcher is slightly different from all other launchers mentioned in this list. This launcher puts everything you need on home screen including weather, notifications, player, apps, contacts, dialer, timer, email, notes, calendar and more.

Packed with features, this launcher will give your phone a completely different look. AIO Launcher has different themes, icon packs, font sizes, multiple widgets, gestures and plugin support.

10. Oluncher

Olauncher is a basic launcher that leans more on the clean side. This launcher gives you a clean home screen. The launcher is ad-free and you will not get any icons in this launcher.

what’s more You will get new wallpapers every day on this launcher. You can also hide the apps you don’t want anyone to see. Another great feature of this launcher is that it automatically launches an app when you search for it.

last words

These were some of the best Android launchers that you can install on your Android devices and change the way they look and behave. You can find many launchers in the play store. We have mentioned the best launchers that you can opt for.