10 Free Photo Editing Apps for Android

Photo editing apps help us look perfect on social media platforms. From adding filters to removing unnecessary objects, you can do a lot with photo editing apps. The Play Store is flooded with photo editing apps, making it difficult to choose one for personal use.

Here are the best free photo editing apps for Android that you can use for quick and professional editing.

1. Canva: Design, Photo & Video

Canva does a lot more than just photo editing. It’s more of a graphical design tool that allows you to create stunning visual content for any purpose you want. The free version of the app offers 2,50,000+ design templates, 5GB cloud storage and thousands of free stock photos and graphics. However, you can also switch to the paid versions i.e. Canva Pro and Canva Enterprise which offer more templates, themes, Brand Kit and tools to create branded content.

With the free version, you can create professional images, presentations, videos, marketing copy, Instagram stories, Facebook posts, etc. Additionally, this app allows you to take your photos and movies to the next level without any prior design experience. Just learn as you design and let Canva automatically save and save everything you create.

what’s more It also allows you to form a team and collaborate with your friends or colleagues to create exciting presentations, invitations, charts, work reports, planners, etc.


2. Photo editing – Lumii

Photo Editor – Lumii is a free and feature-rich photo editing app to edit your photos to perfection. It lets you add filters, templates, text, and backgrounds to your images in no time. It’s a good choice to do simple and quick photo edits like adjusting color contrast, brightness, exposure, saturation, etc. It also allows you to create custom filter and change photo backgrounds.

The app has a fairly easy-to-navigate interface and allows for effortless photo editing in a few clicks. Unlike other free apps, this app is distraction-free and ad-free, which improves the overall user experience. If you like the app, you can switch to Lumii Pro to unlock additional filters, effects, and templates.


3. Photo filters for Photoshop cameras

Do you love picking up new filters and effects? Photoshop Camera Photo Filters is the app for you. This app is a creation of Adobe that allows you to take better smartphone photos and edit your existing ones with lens flares. You can also use it for basic photo editing, e.g. B. to adjust contrast, vibrance, exposure, etc.

What makes this app unique is its lens library that offers some interesting and artistic effects to create stunning images. You can try it to add a professional and artistic touch to your images without any prior photo editing or Photoshop experience.


4. PhotoDirector – Image editing

PhotoDirector – Photo Editor is a photo editing app that gives you some great premium features for free. For example, you can change image backgrounds, remove unwanted objects and denoise photos for free. However, you can only use these premium features once a day.

This app has an easy-to-use, feature-rich interface that offers more than instant photo editing effects. It accommodates manual enhancements to your photos and use of brightness, tone, exposure, contrast and darkness sliders for desired editing results.

It offers features like AI filters to add painting effects, glitch art, dispensation and light ray effects. It also allows you to change photo backgrounds, change the colors of your clothes or use blending mode to completely transform your photos.


5. Picsart Photo Editor & Filters

Picsart is another feature-rich photo editing app that comes with lots of filters and editing tools. It is an excellent photo editing app that you can use to create unique and creative visual content. You can use it to edit your photos and videos, create collages and apply effects to images. With the free version of the app, you can retouch pictures by applying face corrections, skin tone enhancements and body reshaping.

The app has a user-friendly interface, but the ad pop-ups can spoil the overall user experience. You can also subscribe to Picsart to become part of the creative community and share your editing creations. You can also go to the creative community to get editing inspiration and remix others’ edits.

Picsart allows you to enter editing contests, where the winners are determined by community voting. Overall, it’s a great photo editing app to discover editing masterpieces, get inspiration from a community, and make amazing photo edits with a fun learning experience.


6. Lightroom photo and video editor

Lightroom Photo & Video Editor is an Adobe creation that brings you the power of Adobe Photoshop on your smartphone. It has a pro camera feature that allows you to click professional and HDR images. It has various professional editing features to enhance the overall picture quality.

If the interface seems intimidating and complex to you, just go to the “Learn” section in the app, which is full of tutorials to help you edit your photos in high quality. You can also use the Explore section in the app to get inspiration from featured edits and other photographers. Rather than offering preset effects, the app allows you to play with texture, clarity, haze removal, and other editing elements to achieve the editing results you want.

You can also choose from color presets for quick editing to give your images a high-contrast, bright, vibrant, natural, or matte look.


7. Snapseed

Snapseed lets you do some serious photo editing while you’re on the go. This app is a creation of Google and offers a full range of advanced editing features for free. It provides room for selective editing, allowing you to use brushes to adjust exposure, temperature, and saturation for a selected area in your photos.
Do you want to remove unnecessary objects from your photos? The healing feature allows you to do this with a few taps. The head pose feature lets you play with facial features by changing the size of the pupil, smile, and face length. In addition, you can also use features like curves, double exposure, lens blur, and tone contrast to create masterpieces. Overall, it’s a great app that’s free from distracting ads and offers a lot of premium-level features for free.


8. Pixlr – Image editor

Pixlr – Photo Editor for Android is an excellent tool to enhance your photos or add some quick effects for visual enhancements. It has an intuitive interface that allows you to make quick photo adjustments and create collages with your photos. It has filters, frames, stickers and overlays to make your photos more attractive. You can also use brushes in the app to doodle, lighten, darken, or pixelate your photos.

The double exposure feature and ready-to-use template are the main highlights of this app. The tools panel gives you options to blur, smooth, auto-fix, heal, and fix red-eye in your images. If you like the app and want to use it ad-free, you can definitely go for the premium version.


9. Photo Editor – Lumii

You can use photo editor app for professional editing experience. You can use it for basic editing like color exposure, contrast, brightness, temperature, hue, etc. It allows you to fine-tune your images or use effects to auto-tone, sharpen, and adjust vibrancy in images.

You can also use it to add text, images, shapes, frames, or crop out your images. The correction functions such as white balance, red-eye effect, perspective, fill and backlight help to create flawless images. It is a simple photo editing app for effortless yet impactful editing.


10. Photo Effects Pro

Unlike other photo editing apps, Photo Effects Pro offers some attractive photo frames and backgrounds to create stylish pictures. It offers a variety of unique, fun and artistic frames to create stunning images. It offers a range of interesting backgrounds to transform your images. You can also use frames and backgrounds together to make your editing more innovative.

If you want to look bigger in your pictures, this app has a feature for that too. The taller feature allows you to adjust your height and appear taller in your photos. Try out the art effects, filters, text styles and grid options to get creative with your images. However, the ad pop-ups can be a bit annoying, so give the features a try and only use this app if the features seem useful to you.


Enhance your photos with photo editing apps

There are several photo editing apps available on the Play Store. Some are good for fine-tuning your photos, while others are ideal for professional edits. So, be clear about your editing purpose and choose the photo editing app that suits your needs. Also, make sure you don’t use too many apps overall, as they won’t do your pictures any good. Pick an app or two you like and you’re good to go.

Try these photo editing apps and don’t forget to share your favorite app with us in the comment section.