10 gadgets for your Hanukkah and Christmas gift list

It’s the season for shopping, with the first candle of Hanukkah on December 18 and Christmas just a week later.

We’ve curated some fun and functional gadgets for your gifting needs, all products of Israeli invention.

1. Mood 2-in-1 air purifier and fragrance diffuser

10 Gadgets for Your Hanukkah and Christmas Gift List
Moodo air purifier and fragrance diffuser. Photo courtesy of Moodo

A revolutionary 2-in-1 system for cleaning and scenting the room air. The device’s three-layer HEPA filter contains activated carbon crystals and carbon foam. Moodo offers a selection of 32 recyclable flavor capsules (such as Grandma Vanilla, Floral Musk and Snow Angels). The scent can be customized using the free Moodo app, which integrates with most smart home platforms.

Moodo is available in battery-powered and electric models ($99.90 plus free capsule pack), as well as a portable MoodoGo ($49.90 plus three capsules) for small spaces like vehicles. Free shipping to USA and Europe.

2. Aura Air Mini

Another Israeli device that will help your recipient breathe easier is the Aura AirMini air purifier. ($179.99) It can be taken anywhere (e.g. plane, train, restaurant, hotel room) to eliminate bacteria, viruses and even parasites in rooms up to 107 square feet using unique bipolar ionization technology. The battery lasts five to six hours.

3. Calmigo relaxation device

Developed by an Israeli biomedical engineer, CalmiGo is a wearable device that guides the user to regulate their breath for natural stress relief in just three minutes. The device also emits soothing scents (lavender, peppermint, or bergamot) to provide multi-sensory stimulation that can control anxiety from any tense situation and can even help ensure a good night’s sleep.

4. Rollink collapsible luggage

10 Gadgets for Your Hanukkah and Christmas Gift List
Photo courtesy of Rollink

Yes, the very first folding luggage brand was designed in Israel. And after successes in 25 countries, Rollink rolled into the US market this year. This luggage ranges from $185 to $285 and is available in a variety of sizes and colors online or at Macy’s. It folds down to a thickness of 2 inches. Reducing its size by 75 percent means easier storage on the go and at home. The cases have a polycarbonate hard shell, a quick access side pocket, silent coated wheels and an adjustable telescopic handle.

5. nanite Smart baby monitor

The Nanit Pro Camera with Flex Stand ($199) combines a connected smart baby monitor with computer vision technology that can be taken anywhere (play dates, travel, caregiver) to provide a 130 degree view day or night seconds from any sleeping or play area. The device has a night light and offers white noise, two-way audio and nature sounds. The product comes with a sensorless neonatal breathing strap that enables Nanit’s breath monitoring analysis.

6. Citrus press Zaksenberg

10 Gadgets for Your Hanukkah and Christmas Gift List
Juicer photo courtesy of Zaksenberg

No frills here – not even a motor, battery or plug. This simple, elegant metal juicer ($299) is not only a reliable (and quiet) workhorse, but it also embodies a very Israeli history. Its inventor, the sculptor Isaac Zaksenberg, immigrated from Warsaw in 1926 and opened a foundry in Jaffa to make taps and parts for pumps used to irrigate Jaffa’s famous orange groves. As a side project, he spent years developing the perfect citrus and pomegranate juicer. Choose between green, red, orange or grey.

7. Large Pasta

Your recipient will surely smile after opening this whimsical gift pack ($34.75) from Monkey Business, which includes four BPA-free silicone “Big Pasta” kitchen gadgets: two farfalloni (flying pasta) pot handles, a ravioli spoon rest , a penne-shaped garlic peeler and three Mafaldine gummies (ribbon pasta), handy for sealing plastic packaging.

8th. pinot corkscrew and bottle opener

Israeli design house Ototo has made opening wine and beer a whole lot more fun with Pinot the Parrot ($29.95). Made from BPA-free silicone and stainless steel,

This might be the most colorful bar tool ever. If your recipient has a darker sense of humor, choose the black bat corkscrew/opener option called Vino.

9. Seed field germinator

Is anyone on your gift list trying to eat healthier? Peleg Design House recently introduced this simple system for growing sprouts at home. Sprouting improves the natural nutrients in grains, legumes or beans and makes them easier to digest. But growing sprouts requires the right amount of water and the right timing. The Seed Field ($13) is made from food-grade plastic, making the process easy and fun.

10. Sensibo Heaven

The Sensibo Sky ($99) allows users to control any remote air conditioner/heater from a smartphone. Features include seven-day scheduling, geofencing, and climate response triggers. The device also connects to smart home voice assistants. It even reminds the user to clean the filters.

Sensibo also just launched an air quality monitor, Elements ($169), that sends alerts and tips on how to reduce indoor air pollution.