10 Joker Weapons That Rival Batman’s Gadgets

The Joker is one of the most dangerous villains in the DC Universe. Although Batman is one of the greatest heroes, he keeps getting angered by the clown prince of crime. While it’s hard to imagine how the Joker kept the Dark Knight on his toes, it becomes clear when you take a look at his uncanny arsenal of weapons.

Batman’s belt may contain useful gadgets and toys, but the Joker has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. Read on to see ten of the deadliest weapons wielded by the Harlequin of Hatred.

SCREENRANT VIDEO OF THE DAY Scroll to continue with the content. 10 razor-sharp playing cards

A true showman, the Joker genuinely loves to embrace his namesake with a particularly sinister weapon. When he needs to deal damage from long range, the Joker uses playing cards with absurdly sharp corners. Not only are they effective, Joker can hide them easily, making these cards the perfect secret weapon. The villain has also used the playing cards to secretly emit toxins, as seen in Batman #1 when he kills a man with a deck of cards after covering the edges in poison.

9 coat tails of the Joker

The Joker isn’t afraid to think outside the box when it comes to his weapons, and The Joker #3 employs one of his most unconventional attacks. While being pursued by the Creeper, Joker encounters an opponent featuring the mad hero. After being thrown to the ground, the Joker reveals a surprising weapon hidden in his jacket. With a tug on a secret cord, Joker hits the Creeper with lead weights in his coattails. The attack gives Joker enough time to upset the Creeper and suffocate the hero. Coattails lined with lead are definitely odd, but it’s hard to argue against their effectiveness.

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8 Electrified Happy Buzzer

A happy buzzer is one of the oldest gags in the book. Of course, the Joker has one that could easily electrocute a person unfortunate enough to shake his hand. The Joker’s electrified joy buzzer has been seen several times since his first appearance in Batman #73. The frightening thing about Joker’s device is that its voltage fluctuates. Sometimes the shock is so minor that someone faints; In other cases, a person is completely burned. But the most dangerous version of the buzzer was in The Killing Joke, where he traded the electricity for a dose of Joker’s poison.

7 joke rangs

While the Joker loves his playing cards, he’s also a fan of taking a page from Batman’s book and using his own “Jokerangs”. The Joker has tinkered with creating his own version of Batman’s legendary Batarangs over the years. In Batman #100, the Joker presents his own version of the weapon by infusing existing batarangs with powerful explosives. But the Clown Prince of Crime has also used throwing weapons of his kind. In Batman #129, the villain had a belt and attempted to kill the Dark Knight using multiple jokerangs in the form of a smile.

6 Laughing Fish

Yes, the Joker is so devious that he is willing to put innocent fish in danger. The Laughing Fish are the result of Joker contaminating local waters with Joker Venom in order to claim copyright on the altered creatures (seriously). However, while the villain failed to tag his grinning fish, they became a threat when some of them ran loose in the wild. Batman: Urban Legends #17 revealed that the venom-infested fish infected anything that ate them. Joker has done some dangerous things in the past, but his fish experiment messed up almost the entire food chain.

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5 Acid Splashing Flower

The water-squirting flower gag is another classic prank that the Joker gave his own spooky twist. Instead of water, the Harlequin of Hatred uses the Trick Flower on his lapel to spurt out a jet of acid that can burn through anything it touches. The villain has also used it in the past to deliver nitrous oxide or concentrated Joker poison. It’s an insidious melee weapon that makes going head-to-head against the Joker a dangerous scenario.

4 joker mobiles

To keep up with the Dark Knight, the Joker has developed a line of Jokermobiles inspired by Batman’s iconic car. Similar to Batman’s old-school vehicle, the Jokermobile features a large Joker face attached to the front of the car. But as disturbing as its appearance is, the true terror lies in the vehicle’s many weapons. Equipped with machine guns and giant boxing gloves, the Jokermobil had a trick to deflect anything Batman’s Batmobile threw at it. Though the car is mostly retired now, the Jokermobile really is a testament to the Joker’s talent for weapon design.

3 Joker’s gag gun

The Joker isn’t afraid to wield a gun, and one of his favorite guns proves it. The villain often carries a gun that says “BANG!” or, in the case of The Killing Joke, “Click, click, click.” It’s a classic joke, but the insidious thing about it is that the message on the flag is a hidden weapon. Just as the Joker’s intended victim loses cover, he fires the flag like a harpoon, usually killing his victim in the process. The gag gun is a good reminder that the Joker wants nothing more than to tickle his insanely funny bone.

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2 crowbars

The infamous crowbar is neither a gag nor a prop, but there isn’t a living Batman fan who doesn’t know what the Joker did to this piece of metal. In Death in the Family, the Clown Prince of Crime mercilessly beat the second Robin, Jason Todd, by a hair’s breadth before imprisoning him in an exploding building. Despite being a simple crowbar, the Joker had a fondness for the tool and kept it as a perverted memento for years after he killed Todd. It’s not a stylized weapon like most of Joker’s other weapons, but the crowbar stands out from almost every other weapon he’s ever used.

1 wild poison

The greatest plague the Joker has ever brought upon the world is his patented Joker Venom. The venom has been described as deadly as bubonic plague, killing hundreds if not thousands of people. Joker Venom is so powerful that the villain has managed to modify it so that it can infect the members of the Justice League. Poison is also highly unpredictable. Those affected either die laughing with huge grins on their faces or are driven into cackling madness. The poison invented by the Joker will always be the most terrible weapon he ever created.

The Joker is one of the scariest villains in the DC Universe and these ten weapons helped him achieve that position.