10 “little-known” features of Windows 11

Windows 11 isn’t a huge upgrade over Windows 10, but it does offer plenty of changes across the board. This includes changes in look and feel, performance, game features, and app compatibility. The new operating system was introduced as an upgrade for PCs in October 2021, and to commemorate its first anniversary, Microsoft rolled out the first major update to Windows 11 in September this year. The free downloadable update was rolled out to users in more than 190 countries. Here are some of the key features of Windows 11 as the operating system wraps up its first full year in 2022.

Voice input Allow users to type with their voice


Voice input: Allow users to type with their voice

Windows 11 also includes a new accessibility tool for voice typing. Users can press Win+H and dictate what they want to write. The feature also supports punctuation marks.

File manager tabs Make managing files easier


File manager tabs: Make managing files easier

Just like web browsers, Microsoft has added tabs in the Windows file manager. With it, users can open multiple folders and drivers in different tabs instead of windows and interact with them at the same time and also help to better manage and organize files.
Xbox Enhancements Brings new game features for a better gaming experience


Xbox Enhancements: Brings new game features for a better gaming experience

Windows 11 now includes the Auto HDR feature found on Xbox Series X|S. This improves the gaming experience on HDR-capable monitors. Windows 11 is also supported
DirectStorage for users with NVMe SSD drives, allowing for much faster load times in supported games.
Smart App Control Protects Windows PCs from attacks and malware


Smart App Control: Protects the Windows PC from attacks and malware

The new Smart App Control offers significant protection against malware, including new and emerging threats, by blocking malicious or untrustworthy apps. It also blocks potentially unwanted apps that can affect system performance.
Start Menu Folders Helps group similar apps and software together


Start Menu Folders: Helps group similar apps and software together

Similar to Start folders on mobile devices, Start menu folders allow users to store different apps according to their preferences in a single folder for quick access. Users just need to drag one app over another and create a new folder.
New task manager theme Brings refined experience


New Task Manager Theme: Brings refined experience

The task manager on Windows has always been a useful tool. They allow users to manage the apps and running services as well as manage startup services. With the latest update of Windows 11, Task Manager has been updated with a Windows 11-like interface that offers easy-to-understand navigation and a simple user interface.
Focus Sessions Helps users focus on what they are doing


Focus Sessions: Helps users focus on what they are doing

The Focus Sessions feature is available in the Alarm & Clock app. Users can link their to-do list to manage tasks and integrate Spotify for background music. It also reminds users to take breaks, tracks progress, and can be called as a standalone widget for easy access.
Snap layouts Makes multitasking easier


Snap Layouts: Makes multitasking easier

The Windows 11 2H22 update brought a new snap layout option that allows users to quickly open apps in multi-window mode. To use this, hover over a window’s maximize button. There are different layouts how you want to position the window. It will help increase productivity for those who use large screens. In addition, these layouts are saved and accessible to the app tray icons.
Widgets Provide quick updates


Widgets: Provide quick updates

Widgets provides all the information with a single click. This includes breaking news, personal photos, sports updates, stock ratings, weather updates and more. Users can also customize their widget windows.
Teams chat integration Makes it easy to collaborate with others


Teams chat integration: Makes it easy to collaborate with others

Windows 11 has Microsoft Teams integration right on the taskbar. This allows users to easily connect with friends, family, and co-workers.