10 Most Common Driving Questions People Feel Too Stupid To Ask The Police

Embarrassingly simple questions about road traffic regulations have now been answered. Police are constantly being asked questions by members of the public, but some seem too scared to ask even the simplest things.

Whether out of fear or out of sheer embarrassment, clarifying a simple rule or two is something many people don’t want to ask their officers to do, by the looks of it. However, there is now help available from Ask the Police, the official source for armed forces in England and Wales, covering all sorts of subjects.

Many of the simple but unasked questions are road related and this list addresses what people know or don’t know about the rules of driving and horse riding in the UK. But what embarrassing questions have finally been answered? let’s find out

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Can I be charged with drunk driving if I’m drunk but just sitting in my car?

In this case, Ask the Police clarifies that a person in this situation can be charged with one of three criminal offenses. They are:

Driving a Motor Vehicle Over the Permitted Limit (OPL)

Attempt to drive a motor vehicle while you are OPL

Responsible for a motor vehicle during OPL

The third is most likely true in this case, but in order to avoid being charged by the police with any of the above offenses, a person must demonstrate that “there is no likelihood” that they are driving over the limit.

You could be charged even if you have no intention of driving (Image: sestovic)

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If this cannot be proven, people will commit this crime. Ultimately it depends on the circumstances in which the person is found by the police and whether they will press charges, but they will consider the following factors:

Whether you had the keys to the vehicle

Were you in the vehicle at the time?

What were you doing back then?

Whether anyone else was in or near the vehicle

What evidence is there that you intended to drive the vehicle?

Can cyclists be charged with drunk driving?

Is it illegal to smoke while driving?

Can cyclists use the phone while driving?

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Do you have to report an animal hit by a car to the police?

Do drivers have to buckle up?

Can drivers wear sunglasses while driving at night? There are no rules about sunglasses behind the wheel (Image: Joey Celis)

Can cyclists take passengers with them?

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Is overtaking on the left ok?

When the vehicle ahead signals to turn right and there is space

If traffic in queues is moving slowly and the queue on your right is moving slower than you, you can overtake on the left

Can you pick wildflowers that grow by the roadside?