10 Ongoing TV Shows That Aren’t Living Up to Expectations

When a beloved old show restarts or a popular actor announces his role in a new series, fans can get pretty excited. They wait weeks or months for the new show to air, tweeting about it and rewatching the trailers until they just can’t wait anymore.

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Unfortunately, fans may not find this new show lives up to their expectations. If it’s a reboot, it might not be able to capture the tone of the original, or maybe the characters and plot just fall flat. Whatever the case, sometimes shows don’t live up to the expectations of their devoted fans.

10 How I Met Your Father disappointed fans of the original

Often considered one of the best sitcoms of the early 2000s, How I met your mother found a way to bring a breath of fresh air to the group of friends in their 20s navigating New York City. Its restart 2021, How I met your father, It seemed like it could bring back the energy of the original show while keeping similar storylines and set pieces.

Unfortunately for viewers, that doesn’t appear to be the case. Although it was renewed for a second season, How I met your fatherThe first season of was poorly rated by viewers, who criticized the writing, one-dimensional characters, and lack of originality. The show’s takes on dating apps and modern romance have been called dated in contrast to the original show’s unique storylines.

9 Bel-Air doesn’t quite hit the target

Another sitcom reboot, Bel AirShe had big shoes to fill. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was a memorable, joke-filled show with a protagonist feeling like a fish out of water in a swanky new neighborhood. Although mostly comedy, there were strong moments of dialogue about race and class.

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In his remake there are less humorous moments and more serious situations. And while those grounded moments are needed, the show doesn’t offer the same joy and laughter as the original. Without that touch of humor Bel Air is not as dynamic or entertaining as viewers expected.

8th She-Hulk: Lawyer is fun but unequal

She-Hulk: Lawyer, one of the most recent shows from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, positioned itself as a quirky feminist version of the Hulk. Though some have praised it for its excellent performances and fresh perspective on the superhero genre, others have struggled with its overly ambitious storyline and occasionally shaky digital effects.

The show is legal drama, commentary on femininity, and superhero show all rolled into one — and that’s a lot to juggle for a show that only lasts about 30 minutes. however, if She-Hulk: Lawyer can figure out how to tie all of these elements together more effectively, it might be able to captivate initially disappointed viewers.

7 invasion lacks clarity

Apple TV+ has recently released some impressive sci-fi films, including the popular dystopian workplace comedy severance pay. One alien-centric show in their slate, in particular, sounded promising. but invasiontelling ten almost entirely separate stories about the same alien invasion doesn’t quite deliver the sci-fi spectacle that fans are looking for.

Stuck by a confusing structure and boring characters, invasion misses his chance to create a unique show about the often over-the-top alien genre. Critics and fans alike were frustrated by the lack of coherent world-building and heavily separated episodes that didn’t fit into a larger narrative.

6 Soulmates struggle to stay afloat

AMC’s premise soulmates is fascinating: A biotech company can set up people with their statistically perfect match in a near-future world. It also displays Sarah Snook’s recent work successor fascinated viewers. And its anthology approach may have been an attempt to appeal to fans of Netflix black mirror.

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Although the series has bright moments, some viewers felt that it did not live up to its potential. The anthology doesn’t dwell on one character for too long, which may have left viewers hungry for more. soulmates also neglects to explain how its magical match-making technology works, which frustrates some sci-fi junkies looking for futuristic concepts to sink their teeth into.

5 And just like that, it’s not as much fun as viewers had hoped

Another addition to the reboots anthology is the Sex and the City subsequent series And just like that. The original show was a hit in the late 90’s/early 2000’s and showcased different sides of dating in New York City.

The reboot has plenty of nostalgia for the original, with Sarah Jessica Parker returning as lovestruck sex journalist Carrie Bradshaw. Though it brings back some of the fun of the franchise, And just like that strives to translate its quirky tone for a modern take on New York City. The reboot also suffers from the loss of Kim Cattrall, who chose not to reprise her role as the sexually liberated, bold Samantha.

4 Housekeeping falls flat

Onwards since his memorable performance as Eric Forman That 70’s show, Topher Grace has largely stayed out of the limelight. In addition to working as Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke in Spike Lee’s BlackKklansman, he was rarely seen on screen. However, in the ABC housekeepinghe returns to the limelight as the eldest of three siblings, each with different economic statuses.

While the show’s cast and premise have potential, making a simple sitcom that appeals to modern audiences isn’t easy. housekeeping doesn’t quite achieve the comedic tone it was aimed at, but misses the mark and lapses into tired sitcom tropes. The third season, which will air in the fall of 2022, needs to find more substance to increase its viewership and appeal.

3 Fear The Walking Dead hits a wall

The legend of the Walking Dead has spanned over a decade, with countless spin-off series and video games complementing the franchise. Fear the walking death was created in 2015 as a prequel to the original series. And that although it has experienced some moments of success Living Dead Fans, it’s struggling to be consistent.

Many fans felt that the show went stale with a lack of interesting or original storylines as it entered its seventh season. Fear the walking death introduced a nuclear fallout at the end of Season 6, potentially promising new storylines. Still, viewers felt there was little to get excited about in season seven.

2 Westworld falls victim to folding

In its early seasons western world was hailed as an exciting new sci-fi series with great cinematography and heavy philosophical themes about the fate of mankind. The show offers its characters the opportunity to take an immersive virtual reality vacation to the Wild West, with artificial intelligence allowing them to indulge their cinematic fantasies.

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Season 4 is taking some risks by breaking new technological ground, but will inevitably fall short of its previous seasons. Viewers complained that the intricate plot gets muddled without the intrigue and relatable characters western world once offered.

1 Ratched isn’t what viewers expected

When producer Ryan Murphy announces his involvement in a project, it causes a stir. His catalog includes the very successful ones joy and American Horror Story. rattledone of his latest projects, tells the origin story of the evil Nurse Ratched from Ken Kesey’s 1962 novel One flew over the cuckoo’s nest.

With horror elements American Horror Story With fan favorite Sarah Paulson starring as Nurse Ratched, viewers hoped this show would be a fresh and intriguing spectacle. But despite its cinematic quality rattled struggles to find his step or provide a compelling backstory for his main character.

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