10 Rare PlayStation Games You’ll Never Play (Because They’re Too Expensive)

The PlayStation 1 had some of the best and most creative games of the late ’90s. Regardless of the genre, every gamer could find something they loved, whether it was forgotten fighting games or some of the best JRPGs. Considering how complex gaming is these days, it’s understandable that some people might just want to return to the PS1 era for a short while.

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But those who want to buy PS1 games at a discount or even at the $40 price they paid back then might be disappointed with some games. With games out of print and collectors reluctant to give away their copies, there are some PlayStation games that players will never be able to play again.

10/10 One-hander brought Square to the world of shooters ($250)

space released one-handed for the PlayStation 1 in North America in 1998. As expected by Squaresoft at the time, the story revolved around a war between the earth and the moon. The protagonist was a member of the Moon’s army, which made brief invasions to gather intel and weapons from the enemy.

Interestingly in Japan, one-handed was made available to players on PlayStation Network in 2008. However, this port never came to the US, so players looking to buy this game must be prepared to invest around $250 or more.

9/10 Shadow Tower represents the software’s progression to a classic ($270)

From Software worked on games that weren’t smash hits for many years before coming across Dark Souls. shadow tower was one such game where the game is a first person dungeon crawler where the player has returned to their house only to find that it has been sucked into the underworld.

While the idea behind the game is interesting, it was pretty awful. However, considering how popular From Software has become over the past decade, many people would love to play a game like this just to see where the developer started. But with no digital copy available, even those fans will have to pay upwards of $270 if they want to get this.

That Mega Man Legends series was a popular series of Mega Man titles for the PlayStation. The series relied on its story to bring humor and personality to the characters that simply couldn’t be present in the mainline games due to their action-heavy nature. But if people want to play the second game in the series, they’re out of luck.

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The title was once available on PlayStation Network, but since the PS3 store closed, anyone who doesn’t already own it has no other legal way to get it other than a physical copy. At its best, the game costs around $300, which is a lot for a game that doesn’t have a proper ending because the third iteration was canceled.

7/10 Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter focused on frenetic tag team action ($300)

Capcom took gradual steps to create the masterpiece Marvel vs Capcom and its sequels. First of all they had X-Men vs Street Fighter; then They went to the next step of slimming down the X-Men to add other big heroes like Captain America and the Hulk. Similar to the previous game, this was another tag team title that focused on fast-paced two-on-two gameplay.

Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons why this game has not been made available on digital platforms. Working out agreements with Marvel isn’t going to be easy, and if Capcom did it, they would start with it Marvel vs Capcom right before they approached the more forgotten games like this one.

6/10 Tales of Destiny made the Tales franchise a success ($350)

That stories of Franchise existed before fate stories, but this iteration in the franchise has long been the most successful. The game focused on Stahn Aileron and his friends who were given the task of protecting the world after gaining the power of Swordians, speaking swords.

The game was unlike anything on the market at the time with its side scrolling action RPG combat. However, despite its sales, Namco has never taken the game seriously in the United States. fate stories The PlayStation 2 Remake was never localized in America and it was never released to the fans on the PlayStation Network.

5/10 Batman Forever: The Arcade Game pits Batman and Robin against Two-Face and The Riddler ($450)

Two Face and the Riddler it’s actually not a good game. It’s not even a tad fun like the NES Batman game. The only value the title has is that it’s almost impossible to find nowadays. It’s a beat ’em up that focuses on Batman and Robin traveling around Gotham and beating up the villains.

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There’s a combo system, but it’s all about punches and kicks, with any gadgets kept in Batman’s utility belt during phases instead. In the end, anyone who wants to buy this has to search eBay because nobody would ever pay for the license to make it available on digital storefronts these days.

4/10 Tail Concerto is a Steampunk World Filled with Anthropomorphic Animals ($550)

CyberConnect developers have partnered with Bandai for the release tail concert, a platformer full of adorable talking animals. The protagonist is a cop named Waffle Ryebread, who was hilarious enough to be worth the ticket prices when the game launched.

Other than that, this was a good, but not great, game with charming graphics. Unfortunately, the game is no longer available as a digital copy these days. When people find them, physical releases typically cost well over $500.

3/10 Tron Bonne’s Misadventures Focus on Best Character in Mega Man Legends ($680)

Tron Bonne was one of the standout additions to Mega Man Legends’ lore, not found in older Mega Man games. And between the releases of Mega Man Legends and Megaman Legends 2Capcom has released a prequel title. The prequel focuses on Tron, the sister of the Bonne family who is one of the main characters of the legends games.

Tron Bonne’s game focuses on puzzle-solving and third-person shooter action, as well as leveling up various servbots who work for them. Although the game was brought here, it was primarily intended to generate hype Megaman Legends 2. Decades later, the title hasn’t made it to a digital service, and the title’s price has soared to almost $700.

2/10 Revelations Persona is a challenge for every collector ($700)

That persona Franchise is so popular that it seems like all of their games should be easily downloadable everywhere. But since the franchise wasn’t huge by then person 3, Atlus almost seems to forget the games before it. The original PlayStation 1 game will fetch collectors around $700 if they want a physical copy.

If they’re willing to settle for the PlayStation Portable remaster, it still costs around $200. The “easiest” way to get it is to buy a PlayStation Classic, but that means someone is spending $80 on a bunch of other games they might not even want.

1/10 The original Siphon Filter 3 cover is almost impossible to find ($900)

First of all good luck finding this game. Find Siphon filter 3 alone will not be difficult or cheap. But another version of the game is much more difficult to find. This version is dubbed the “911 Edition” by fans because the game was scheduled for release in September.

This version of the game had a photo of the United States flag in the background with gas around Gabe and Lian. But after 9/11, this camouflage was considered disruptive, and they changed it completely. There are copies with the original cover, but they’re so hard to track down that people can basically charge whatever they want for them.

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