11 advantages of animated video content for social media marketing

Surely you have seen animated-style business videos or commercials before. Recently, animations for social networks have become so popular. Do you know why? Because the animated tutorial is fun, attention-grabbing, very informative and easy to use even when you need to explain complex concepts.

Animated social media video

An animation is a video with moving graphics. Words, symbols, signs and attitudes come to life so you can share your message with your audience. If you’re still not sure if this cartoon style is right for you, check out the list of 11 benefits of animated videos for social media. After reading our article, you will definitely have no doubts that animation is what your business needs.

1. Audience loyalty

Many are annoyed by the clutter of a personal FB or Insta page with long hours of reading or promotional videos. And short animated clips, on the other hand, arouse positive emotions because they can present information much more vividly and understandably than static publications or extensive video works.

2. High conversion

An important reason to use animations in marketing is a good conversion rate. Compared to text, the conversion rate of animation is significantly better. For example, the number of clicks on links in animations is 41% higher than the number of clicks on links placed in text.

3. costs

Another argument in favor of animated videos for social media is that they are affordable. Recording live video requires expensive equipment, a studio, actors, operators and a whole team of other specialists. To create animation, all you need is a computer with dedicated software and several animation video experts, depending on the complexity of the project.

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4. Simplicity

Information presented in animated graphics for social media, regardless of its complexity, is in most cases understandable and accessible to almost any category of viewer. Animation allows you to explain even complex ideas in a simple way so that the user does not get bored while watching.

5. Popularity

Animated videos have entertainment value and are usually quite short. This makes content like this easy to share, making animated videos a great tool for social media marketing. High-quality social media videos can go viral.

6. Attract attention

According to UK marketing agency Workbrands, animation makes your message 58% more memorable. An animated clip captures the user’s attention in a split second and gets your message across 60,000 times faster than text.

7. Versatility

One of the advantages is that animated videos can be used not only for social media. You can place it on the company’s official website. Interesting animations can also be added to the email newsletter. Users will definitely watch your video, rest assured.

8. Improved Search Engine Optimization

Google is a big fan of animated videos. Putting animations on your platforms is a great way to rank high in Google searches. By shooting a video for a social network, you can also improve the search engine optimization of your website.

9. Everyone understands animation

The other benefits of using animated ads in your business is that they are easier to understand. The decision to convert buying power into buying largely depends on the buyer’s ability to understand what you are trying to sell them. Animated videos make a good first impression on potential buyers and evoke positive emotions. Add a competent call-to-action and you can be assured of success.

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10. Constant Interaction

Social media users are connected to their phones to view content throughout the day. Statistics show that a third of online activity consists of time spent watching videos. The animation allows you to constantly interact with the fans of your company and thus further increase your sales. Businesses can channel their animation energy to both new and existing customers by presenting what’s new to them in an engaging way.

11. Good for everything

Such content is best for those interested in everything from clothes to books to food. In most cases, your social media account is the first port of call for new customers when they need information about your business. It seems like a fair deal to have tons of videos with fun characters talking about your business in flashy colors.

Where to order animated videos for social media

The success of any business today largely depends on social media advertising. This is a content battle for companies looking to dominate the market. Now you have to put a lot of energy into your content marketing. Therefore, it is better to first turn to professionals who know all the details of the animated video production process. Experts will help you create a high-quality social media video that will take your business to the next level.

The Rocket Motion team is made up of slim profile specialists, each a pro in their field. High-quality animated advertising will not only make your business popular on social networks, but will also directly affect your profits.

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