11 tips for creating stunning social media videos

Video content is king in today’s hyper-digital age. Don’t know how to create an impressive video for your advertising campaigns? Read on for some amazing tips to help you create the best video content for social media.

Brands’ online marketing is no longer limited to just Instagram photos and tweets. Today, the focus is on creating compelling video content to build a strong connection between brands and customers. Wonder why? Well, videos hold the user’s attention longer. Viewers are more likely to watch a video to the end than read an entire blog post or news article. Yes, you read it right.

Tweets with videos attract 10x more engagement and video content gets the most engagement on Instagram. This explains why video is the fastest growing advertising medium. Brands use video in their marketing campaigns to increase audience engagement.

Therefore, video content is one of the best ways to launch your advertising campaign social media. Wondering how to create an engaging and authentic video? Here are some useful tips to create incredible videos that will engage your customers.

11 tips for creating engaging video content

1. Start formulating a strategy

Video content should be planned with the purpose of the video in mind. Think about when, where and how your video will be used. Is it to gain more followers, increase brand awareness, or create buzz about an upcoming launch? Regardless, the purpose of your videos must align with your overall business goals.

Proper planning includes audience research, brainstorming, competitive scrutiny, budget allocation, task delegation (which includes finding tools to edit a video online)content planning, etc. These steps are essential to create an effective video that will make your campaign even more successful.

2. Grab the viewer’s attention in the first few seconds

The first few seconds of a video are very crucial. They decide whether a viewer is most likely to watch it to the end or scroll down to something else. Use meaningful graphs or stats, start with strong hooks, or even a thought-provoking question to instantly engage the user.

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You can include your brand name or tagline so people will instantly recognize you and have a clue as to what the video is about. Your intro should be so impressive that viewers are mesmerized and excited to see what will happen next.

3. Make sure the video is short and crisp

People like to watch short videos. Even if it catches their attention initially, they’ll likely lose interest after 15 to 20 minutes. Therefore, you need to grab their attention, deliver a message, and get them to act quickly.

This can be achieved by keeping only the most relevant details and removing the excess ones. Make sure your video is both bite-sized and engaging. Consider breaking them up into smaller series for complex topics that require in-depth explanations, rather than creating one long video. It is possible with a video maker tool create a video Online, you can easily produce engaging and bite-sized videos that will help you engage your audience and get your message across.

4. Focus on quality and consistency

To build a long-term relationship with your audience, you need to focus on quality and consistency. A quality social media video is characterized by adequate lighting and good sound. What can be better than natural light to get a bright background?

Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, natural light is perfect for enhancing the quality of your video. Consider investing in professional gear like microphones to add quality sound to your video. Your interaction with viewers will remain intact if you offer valuable content, quality and consistency.

5. Don’t miss subtitles!

There is a high probability that people all over the world will watch your video content. Therefore, including subtitles can help you reach non-native speakers and hearing-impaired viewers.

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Also, many users are too lazy to even turn up the volume when a video is playing. Yes, we’re not kidding. Therefore, you need a smart strategy including subtitles to grab your viewer’s attention with or without sound. Adding text or subtitles lets the clip speak for itself and makes content easier to consume quickly.

6. Stress at the point of pain

In order to keep your audience engaged, it is very important to create content that addresses their main concerns. Conduct a poll to discover their greatest struggle and create relevant videos that touch on their emotions.

Sharing a compelling story that resonates with your viewers can take your videos to the next level. The content should have relevance, wit, and value, along with great visuals and sound. Therefore, you need to invent authentic stories to entice your audience to stay with you and grab their attention.

7. Make use of the video editing tool

If you’re a YouTuber or an influencer just starting out, you might not be well versed in professional video editing tools. Do not worry! You can find many video editorsTools are online these days and you don’t need to be trained to use them.

In addition, there are many video editing applications that can be downloaded to your phone for free. They allow you to cut and edit videosin a few simple steps.

8. Add music after getting permission

Nothing works better than music to set the mood and connect with viewers. Music grabs instant attention and influences the audience’s perception of the brand. But not all songs can be added to your videos.

You must get permission from the owners to use their music. Failure to do so will be considered theft of the copyrighted material. This can get you into difficult waters. If acquiring a license to use music seems confusing, you can consider songs under the Creative Commons license and Public Domain Music.

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9. Add customer references

In today’s world of online reviews and ratings, users want to hear from other people, not companies or brands. Of course, highlighting the product is important, but if you want to get involved, you need something beyond a voice-over. Your viewers will resonate with someone who will benefit from the service or product.

Including customer testimonials in your videos is a great way to help viewers understand how they might use your service or product. When properly written and sketched, such real-life stories can bring authentic credibility to your brand.

10. Optimize for each platform

When it comes to social media visuals, size and shape require special attention. While it might be easy to upload the same video across multiple channels, optimizing your video for each platform is important as they have different needs.

Pay attention to the orientation, correct dimensions, video length limitation and other necessary specifications of each platform. This is the right way to implement your content based on the social network you choose.

11. End with a call to action

The end of your video is a great opportunity to tell people where to go and what to do next. Leave viewers with a goal in mind and encourage them to take action.

Remember not to make the CTA overly sales-focused as this can put users off. However, make sure to reiterate the business goals and campaign goals set during the planning phase.


Using video for advertising campaigns not only helps in developing audience engagement but also makes it more affordable. Use the tips above to take your campaign to the next level and maximize your brand’s exposure in a highly crowded digital space.

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