13 Android 13 tricks you must try on your phone

Every Android update brings with it a ton of new features and new features that greatly enhance your experience. Thanks to this we will teach you today 13 best Android 13 tricks you must try on your phone. So if you want to get the most out of your device, then you’ve come to the right place.

Android 13 codenamed Tiramisu is it the thirteenth major version and the twentieth version of the mobile system developed by the Google-led Open Handset Alliance. It comes with several visual changes, new shortcuts, performance improvements, and more. Because of this, users around the world are looking forward to testing this update on their devices.

13 Android 13 tricks to try in 2023

Android 13

Take a look at this collection of 13 Android 13 tricks you must try on your phone in 2023 to get the most out of your device. There are tricks of all kinds and for all tastes, so it’s up to you to try the ones that catch your attention the most:

Change the language of the apps

An Android 13 trick perfect for you if you have it Applications that you want to use in other languages without affecting the language of others. You just have to do this:

  • Get on the settings of your mobile phone.
  • All options from system.
  • Press Languages ​​and text input.
  • Come in Languages of applications.

That’s it! When you come here you will see a list of your installed apps, press the one you want and Choose the language you want to use it in. Easier impossible.

customizable lock screen

In Android 13, you can turn off the giant clock on the lock screen if you need it. You just have to go to settings, then to screen and lock screen section, there you will find an on/off switch for this clock. A simple trick to customize the lock screen instantly.

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Interface with the colors of your background

This simple trick ensures that the mobile interface elements have a color related to the background you have chosen. Thanks for that Android theme will look more aesthetic and neat.

  • Get on the the settings your cell phone.
  • touch wallpaper and style.
  • When changing the background, select the option background colors what is below
  • If you activate this option, you will see a color palette that has already been created extracted from those who have your wallpaper.

Resize screen elements

android 13 samsung

Another Android 13 trick to customize the look of your device, one that increases or decreases the size of screen elements. With this we refer to the icons, the text and the rest of the elements that can be found in the applications. A trick perfect for you if you want visualize things more easily. You just have to do this:

  • Get on the the settings.
  • Touch the option Screen.
  • Press screen size and text.
  • Select the size you want for fonts or symbols.

One of the novelties of Android 13 is this Added QR code scanner to quick settings. This way you can always activate the scanner with just one gesture to access that menu card or other information behind a QR without having to think about which app you want to install for it. It is integrated into the system.

Avoid notifications about new apps

One of Android 13’s tricks to avoid future inconveniences. Now the OS lets you choose whether a new app shows you notifications from the first time you open it, but before that you installed an app and notifications were off by default. With Android 13, When you open the app for the first time, you will be asked whether you want to see notifications or not (something you can change manually if you find it necessary).

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notification history

Use Android notification history to prevent notifications from being missed If you didn’t see it or accidentally closed it:

  • Get on the the settings.
  • Press Options notifications.
  • touch notification history so you can enable or disable it.

Ready! By activating it, you can See previous notifications you have received. From now on you will no longer miss any important information.

Hide information on the lock screen

If you don’t want certain information to appear on the lock screen, you can do that is the perfect Android 13 hack for you:

  • Get on the the settings.
  • touch privacy.
  • Press Lock screen notifications.
  • Choose the option from Don’t show notification.

Navigate between open apps

At the bottom of the screen is a dot with a line that serves as a reference for touch controls. By sliding it left or right you navigate through the applications you opened before or after the one you are using. A simple and little-known Android 13 trick.

Extract photos from apps without opening them

If you are in the application viewer and there is a photo, you can extract it without entering the app. To do this, hold your finger on the photo and it will be analyzed with Google Lens for you to be able to copy, share or save to your device.

Hide or show battery percentage


A quick Android 13 trick is to show or hide the battery percentage in the top bar. Just go to your phone’s settings, press Battery and Low to toggle the option on or off battery percentage.

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Smart battery to gain autonomy

A trick that allows you to save battery by analyzing your usage patterns Know when to limit app usage What do you use the least?

  • Enter the the settings.
  • Touch the option from Drums.
  • Press Settings for intelligent functions.
  • Activate the option intelligent battery.

Disable gesture navigation

Do you want to turn off gesture navigation? Follow these steps and you have below the classic three buttons to control the phone:

  • Get on the the settings.
  • touch Accessibility.
  • Choose control panel.
  • Press System Navigation and select the 3 button navigation.

Use the phone with one hand

Do you find it difficult to control your phone with one hand?? Well, there’s a trick that makes the interface smaller and allows you to operate the phone with your thumb:

  • Enter the the settings.
  • touch Accessibility.
  • Come in system controls.
  • Press One-handed mode and enable the option.

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