1Block Collaborates With Highly Sought Anime ‘Baki Hanma’ to Sell Virtual Sneakers

Technology-focused organization 1SEC is pleased to announce that its Web3 creative studio 1BLOCK has finally entered into a one-off partnership with action anime “Baki Hanma” to start selling virtual sneakers.

The collaborated virtual sneakers show the main characters of the anima, their fight scenes as well as their popular scenes. All sneakers are also marked as NFT. It just means that all designs are unique and one of a kind.

Virtual sneakers come in the form of NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, that operate on blockchain technology. This means that each pair is unique and has a digital keychain that confirms their authenticity but is permanently known on the blockchain. They could either be worn as digital wearables for an avatar in virtual spaces or perceived through augmented reality (AR) filters.

Twenty-five (25) items will be minted and the Baki Hanma X Air Smoke Zero schedule is planned for the first half of October 2022.

Baki Hanma is the third season of the action comic series baki, a work by Keisuke Itagaki. The total number of accumulated publications exceeds more than 85 million copies. Its story is based solely on the original plot of the comic baki hanma, where the recent world champion of underground combat, Grand Prix, Baki Hanma decides to challenge Yujiro Hanma, who is said to be the strongest man alive.

The story revolves around the mortal battle between a father and his son. The comic was already distributed as an anime in 2021 and the second season has already been produced. The first season of the anime series will also be released worldwide and is available on Netflix.

The virtual sneaker will be available on MetaDrip. It is a smartphone app that allows users to try on or experience digital assets, including 3D CG produced NFTS in augmented reality via the camera. In the future there will be a really fun promotion.

This feature allows the asset holder to experience the AR feature of the specific items minted as NFT. The number of available assets is also updated regularly. In addition, MetaDrip will drive mass adoption among brands, developers and society. This is achieved by bringing out the best in AR technologies and bringing the new level of practicality to digital assets.

There is no doubt that NFT sneakers are on everyone’s lips. While there is no safe way to speculate how long the NFT bubble will remain undamaged, there is a gain for as long as it exists.

As the virtual landscape continues to change, more and more people are being drawn to the world and considering the concept of digital fashion collectibles. NFTs offer organizations a unique vantage point to innovate their product, connect with their communities, and strengthen their brand experience.

The technology also introduces a new level of ownership and authentication that will encourage collectors to curate their own collections of unique and valuable digital assets on the market.

Finally, the convergence of the virtual and physical worlds will create new ways of finding identity and immersing in experiences, shaping the future of culture.

1BLOCK has developed a digital fashion utility and plans to become a community that connects the world. MetaDrip also plans to release more systems and create a space where different creators within the community have the opportunity to distribute their digital fashion.

For more information about 1BLOCK and Baki Hanma’s virtual sneakers, visit the 1sec.world website. Visit the Baki Anime official website at baki-anime.jp.