2 Surprising Signs Your iPhone Is Almost Out Of Storage, According To Experts

A phone that runs out of storage space will not be able to perform the simplest of tasks, e.g. B. take and save more photos and videos or download apps and updates. The best way to prevent this from happening is to take action as soon as you see signs of disk space decreasing. But what should you look out for before you get that dreaded “memory full” pop-up that more or less locks your phone? These are the two surprising signs that your iPhone is almost running out of storage and tips on what should be your first step to reclaim valuable storage space.

Your iPhone takes longer to start up

If your iPhone is taking longer to boot up, it could be because it’s running out of storage space, according to James Calderon, Editor-in-Chief at Alrigh.com. “If you’re not using all of your iPhone’s storage, you might want to consider deleting some of your photos, videos, and music files to make room,” Calderon said.

Your iPhone keeps crashing

Your iPhone just shouldn’t be crashing every other day. If the pressure to keep up with your app usage causes it to randomly turn black, it’s a clear sign that you need to free up more storage space on your phone. “If your iPhone keeps crashing, it could be because it’s running out of storage,” Calderon said. “If you’re not using all of your iPhone’s storage, consider deleting some of your photos, videos, and music files to make room.”

What you should do is run out of disk space

Okay, so you’re pretty sure your iPhone is out of storage – now what?

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“You need to go to the Settings app to check your iPhone’s storage and know what’s taking up your iPhone’s storage,” said tech expert Charlene Chen of EaseUS.com. “You can do this by going to Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage.” These are the specific steps Chen recommends to free up space:

1. Delete unused apps

“Delete unused apps on your iPhone to get more available storage space,” Chen said. “You can also enable the ‘Offload unused apps’ option under Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage, which saves a lot of space.”

2. Delete photos and apps from Photos app

“Now photos and videos take up a lot of space on the iPhone because the file size increases with the image or video quality,” Chen said. “You can delete useless and similar photos and videos from your iPhone. Also, you can delete photos and videos uploaded and stored on iCloud. If you need these photos or videos, you had better upload your photos and videos to a cloud service like Dropbox for backup.”

3. Clear cache on iPhone

“When you use the iPhone and apps, a lot of cache files are generated, so you can quickly get back to the file,” Chen said. “If you find the “Other” space in iPhone storage is huge, there are many cached files on your iPhone, such as: B. cached music, videos and photos. You can delete this to get more storage space. You can remove an app’s cached files by going to the settings options – this is a process that varies from app to app.”

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4. Delete downloaded files in Files app

“You may have downloaded a lot of files to the Files app,” Chen said. “If your iPhone is running out of storage, go to the Files app to find your downloaded files and delete the unwanted ones.”