20 Jobs That Give You the Best Odds of Working from Home

Working from home seemed like a far-fetched dream before the pandemic. Now we know how feasible it is to carry out our professional duties from the comfort of our couches. However, some roles are better suited to remote work than others.

Consider one of these 20 careers that can make you some extra cash while working from home in your pajamas.

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1. News Analysts

Some remote news analysts work for broadcast studios and write news programs for on-air reporters. Others go inside and synthesize the latest industry news into digestible reports for senior management.

The only limitation? You may be asked to report breaking news at short notice.

2. Financial Analysts

Financial and investment analysts evaluate and present data to guide business decisions. It’s actually a fun gig – if you love numbers.

However, the best thing about a career in financial analytics is the location independence. Because financial analysts rely more on software and data than face-to-face interaction, doing this work from home is easy.

3. STEM professionals

There is no shortage of remote work for computer enthusiasts and mathematicians. Whether your background is in IT, statistics, or web design, you have a good chance of finding work from home opportunities in your field.

Even if you don’t have formal training in a computer industry, don’t count yourself out. There’s also plenty of room for self-taught tech wizards.

4. Claims Adjuster

Remote insurance investigators perform many of the same roles as on-site investigators. They analyze claimants’ coverage, determine liability, and review and process claims.

You typically don’t need a four-year degree to snag a remote job as a claims adjuster, but you may need to pass a license exam. Check your state regulations to be sure.

5. Compensation Manager

Compensation and performance management is complex and expensive. Employees who hold these titles are tasked with developing payrolls, analyzing competitor compensation packages, and coordinating the distribution of benefits.

Taking on these responsibilities without internal control requires a high level of trust between employer and employee. As such, this high-stakes role is best suited for candidates looking to enhance an existing career in human resources or corporate finance.

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6. Publisher

Long gone are the days when editors in large publishing houses were chained to desks for hours. Now they can work for anyone, from anywhere.

As a remote editor, you do more than just proofreading. You’ll also keep up with marketing trends in your industry, create content calendars, and manage teams of authors. It’s a more versatile role than you might think—and one you can do from anywhere.

7. Legal Professions

Paralegals can also take part in the work-from-home campaign. Research, transcription and client contact can all be done off-site, allowing you to leave the office without having to give up your legal career.

As a virtual paralegal, you could work full-time for a law firm and perform these and other duties. Alternatively, you can focus on one or two of these skills and make them available to multiple companies at once on a part-time or freelance basis.

8. Advertisers

Advertising reps typically work for publishers or PR firms and sell printed and digital advertising space to companies. As the role revolves around building relationships with clients and closing leads, there is no real need for these employees to work from an office.

If you have a knack for sales and enjoy the challenge of a commission-driven role, this could be the perfect remote gig for you.

9. Professors of Criminal Justice

If you have a law enforcement or correctional background, you can teach criminal justice courses online.

Since most criminal justice professors work for community colleges and universities, you’ll likely need at least a college degree — in addition to work experience — to get hired.

10. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers direct advertising campaigns and oversee everything from budgeting and recruitment to visual design. Think of them as advertising specialists, project managers and industry researchers rolled into one.

Admittedly, this might not sound like a work-from-home job. But if you enjoy overseeing teams via video conferencing and online chat channels, it’s entirely doable.

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11. Computer Systems Analyst

You know there are a plethora of work-from-home options available to IT professionals. What you may not know is that even in IT, some careers are more remote than others.

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For example, computer systems analysts test and improve companies’ technology systems. Because this involves testing software and applications, and not necessarily physical devices, it’s possible to get this work done without even setting foot in the office.

12. Sales manager

In contrast to salespeople, sales managers take on a more supervisory role. They set quotas, monitor employee performance, and analyze sales data to make inventory decisions.

Thanks to cloud technology, sales managers can remotely access the reports they need. And with sales performance software, they can track their teams and keep them on track without ever leaving the living room sofa.

13. Managers of computer and information systems

Not to be confused with computer systems analysts, computer systems managers direct and oversee organizations’ IT efforts.

For example, information systems managers can coordinate major hardware upgrades or oversee analysts and developers. Because the role is so varied, it adapts well to remote work.

14. Computer Programmer

If you know programming languages ​​like Python or C++, you could work from home as a computer programmer.

You spent your days writing and testing code, making sure software applications do what they’re supposed to, and debugging them when they don’t.

15. Fundraisers

Fundraisers can work for corporations, politicians, or non-profit organizations. Regardless of the employer, the goal is the same: bring in as much money as possible.

To that end, fundraisers are essentially event organizers. They manage online and in-person fundraising campaigns, contact donors and providers, and ensure financial reporting compliance—all of this can be done remotely.

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16. Lawyers

Nothing says your law degree is only good in the courtroom. Just like paralegals, licensed attorneys can switch to teleworking. For example, you can draft contracts for remote clients or offer virtual consulting services.

What an online law firm looks like for you depends to a large extent on your field of activity. Patent attorneys may be able to work entirely from home, while family attorneys may need to make a hybrid arrangement.

17. Computer Network Architects

Computer network architects are instrumental in network design and development. While some work in server rooms on-site, others can complete their tasks remotely.

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Remote computer network architects can assist with network testing and optimization, or work with senior management to develop long-term technology growth plans. Therefore, they usually require extensive experience in both computer science and business.

18. Software Developer

Where computer programmers create apps, software developers design them. They often require programming and software programming skills, but their primary focus is taking new applications from inception to launch.

This usually involves creating detailed mockups and collaborating with other technology professionals to bring these software blueprints to life. Despite the collaborative software development, it is relatively easy to complete the implementation process entirely online.

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19. Market Research Analysts

Market research is another data-driven field that is a prime candidate for remote work.

Market research analysts and marketers track industry trends and sales metrics and compile this data into reports and infographics. Much of this work can be done alone, making this one of your best career choices if you want to work from home.

20. Technical Sales Representative

Of all the careers on our list, salespeople who work for technical or scientific product manufacturers are more likely to work from home than those in other positions.

As an added bonus, you don’t necessarily need a four-year degree to get started. A few years of education or experience in a field like engineering or chemistry might be enough to land you a job as a work-from-home technical sales representative.

bottom line

Regardless of your education or professional background, there is a remote role for you.

However, remember that working from home does not mean when and how you want. Some virtual positions require you to follow standard office hours, while others use accountability software to monitor you while you work.

Before accepting a remote job offer, you should be clear about your schedule and expectations. This allows you to seek a position that offers flexibility while also helping you pay the rent.

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