2022-09-26 | Press Release | Incubara Capital Corp. Continues Its Incubation and Funding Focus to Support Virtual and Augmented Reality Content Creators and Intellectual Property (IP) Holders in The $52.03B VR/AR Market

Vancouver, British Columbia – (Newsfile Corp. – September 26, 2022) – Incubara Capital Corp. (“Company”) provides the following update: As of January 1, 2022, the Company has focused on its core business of incubating VR/AR, (XR) content creation and IP purchase/participation.

The AR/VR market is expected to be worth $52.03 billion by 2028*. In 2022 there has been a multitude of hardware vendors supporting the sector, however VR/AR content production remains fragmented and mainly produced by indie studios with limited resources. This situation has created an opportunity for an enterprising company to support the active development of high quality VR/AR content and become the foundation for the next generation of entertainment and content producers.

The company’s approach has two pillars. First, we will identify and acquire promising existing IPs that do not yet have a path to VR. Second, we will support an elite selection of industry-leading game developers, writers and producers who attract talent from both the game and film industries to produce high-quality intellectual property rights in which Incubara has a significant stake.

“By focusing our efforts on VR/AR IP and content acquisition, we will be able to capitalize on this unique window of opportunity,” stated Jason Walsh, Founder of Incubara. “IP ownership offers the opportunity to retain ownership of assets that will continue to create value in the future and we are already actively working and in talks with some top experts to acquire a number of promising IPs and look forward to it to share more information in the near future.”

About Incubara Capital Corp.

Incubara Capital Corporation is a strategic equity partner providing incubation, early-stage funding and management support to virtual reality, augmented reality (VR/AR) content creators and intellectual property (IP) owners.

We strive to partner with the best organizations and individuals working in the creative and development fields of VR/AR content. Our team is uniquely qualified to oversee our portfolio of VR IPs and experiences through the ideation, production, launch and successful monetization of each project.

Incubara invests “more than just capital” in our founders, applying industry expertise in all aspects of the VR/AR industry, including building strategic partnerships, advising and executing marketing strategies, and supporting a successful launch of each experience.

With over 60 years of combined experience, our team brings deep industry knowledge to successfully complete, launch and monetize VR projects. Through its extensive network of creative producers, technical developers and marketing offices, Incubara is able to provide capital and resources for companies looking to provide much-needed high-quality VR/AR content for the fast-growing immersive reality industry.

Additional information about Incubara is available under his profile on SEDAR’s website, www.sedar.com, on the Company’s website, www.incubaracapital.com

For more information about the company, please contact:

Jason Walsch

Bua Capital Management Ltd.

Email: [email protected]

*https://www.einnews.com/pr_news/591213971/virtual-reality-market-increasing-in-a-phenomenal-pace-to-reach-more-on-usd-52-03-billion-by-2028 -Statistics report

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