3 Times When You Need a Lawyer, Even If You Think You Don’t

However, there are several other situations where you might need one without even realizing it. These are situations where, depending on your jurisdiction and specific situation, an attorney may not be required, but the cost and likelihood of serious error can be significant.

Open a business

You may resist the idea of ​​hiring a lawyer when starting a business because you’re trying to save money, but mistakes in contracts or other types of paperwork can be costly. An attorney may also be able to help you determine the best type of business entity in your particular situation. There may also be situations where you need to start a business for other reasons. You may be interested in real estate investing because of the excellent long-term potential for wealth growth. However, you may be wondering how to handle things like legal obligations, assets, and income. If you are planning to buy rental property is an option Formation of an LLC or a limited liability company. A lawyer can help you with the paperwork involved.

estate planning

Like many people, you may avoid estate planning because you don’t want to think about the problems that come with it. When you get to it, you can opt for a quick and inexpensive DIY package. The problem with this is that you may prepare these documents ambiguous or incorrectly. Working with an attorney can help you avoid this, and can also help highlight issues you may not have considered. If you leave everything to your spouse in a second marriage, your wealth may go to their children and not to you. You couldn’t take that into account role that beneficiary designations play in your estate plan, or you may think you can disinherit an immediate family member if your state doesn’t allow it. A lawyer can accompany you in this procedure.

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make a marriage contract

As with estate planning, many people avoid making premarital or postmarital arrangements because they don’t like the implications. However, the creation of such an agreement protect valuable assets that everyone brings to the marriage and can also stimulate important conversations about finances. Couples can feel closer to each other after these conversations. Above all, this is an opportunity to find out how assets are divided in the event of a divorce, at a time when you are focusing on being fair and generous with one another. So why do you need a lawyer for this? Prenups can be kicked out if not properly prepared. This includes the insertion of items that are outside the purview of a prenuptial agreement, such as B. a custody agreement. It could also be dismissed if it seems unfair to a person or if it seems forced. Working with an attorney can help make the document less vulnerable to these challenges.