4 Reasons To Consult A Car Accident Lawyer Following An Accident

    Car Accident Lawyer Car accidents are very common and lawyers can help with the aftermath. Never take a car accident lightly, whether it was caused by someone else’s carelessness or your own.

A personal injury lawyer will help you recover any damage and suffering you may have suffered as a result of the accident. You can protect your rights throughout the process by speaking to a lawyer immediately after the accident.

If you are involved in a car accident, you and the person at fault may be able to settle without a settlement. However, if the case requires expert help, a car accident attorney at Fernandez Firm can advise you on which legal claims you can assert. This article covers some of the top reasons for hiring a car accident attorney.

  1. Prove liability for your injuries

One of the hardest parts of making a claim is proving that the other party is responsible for your injuries. It is important to establish this immediately in all circumstances. Anyone harmed by the actions of another has the right to seek compensation. However, everyone involved will want to shift the blame. It can be difficult to determine who is responsible for your injuries.

It is important to collect all relevant evidence to support your case. A lawyer experienced in such matters can help. You will go through the evidence and find out what happened. This will let them know who caused your injury. The lawyer will next construct a strong case for your side. Once you have received the right medication at the right time, you should start documenting and recording your wounds, as this can also be helpful in defending against contributory negligence claims. However, if you are complicit in the accident, this may prevent you from receiving compensation.

  1. Deal with the insurance company

Insurance companies exist to make a profit; you should never forget that. Its experts have received extensive training in negotiating settlements.

If you do not have experience dealing with insurers, you may be denied the benefit you owe. It will be difficult to ensure that your best interests are taken into account in order to obtain the full value of your claim. In addition, an insurer may pressure you to make a statement or position that could cast doubt on your liability and your ability to receive compensation. Having a car accident attorney represent you can have a significant and positive impact on your claim.

Remember that each case is unique and your approach and the results you get will change. Your attorney should have relevant case experience to draw the details needed to handle your case.

  1. Describe the legal aspects of your claim

Insurance policies are contracts that outline the responsibilities of each party. While this may seem obvious, it can be difficult to understand the details if you are unfamiliar with industry jargon. Car accident attorneys have been trained to read these papers. They have been trained in the laws surrounding them and can break through the language to get to the point.

They can let you know if your insurer is acting honestly and honoring their contract. If not, they can inform you of your legal alternatives so you can hold them accountable. There are also several laws, rules and regulations that may apply to your case. Only a competent lawyer in this field will be able to identify these. It can mean the difference between your case going to court and getting the compensation you deserve.

  1. Determine the true cost of your injury and assess the damage

After evidence has been collected, it must be analyzed. Lawyers typically have more resources to create a case than the average person.

The lawyers have to get all the medical records from different sources and the accident report, which is not always as easy as it sounds. Insurance company agents are adept at convincing injured people to accept a meager settlement offer for their injuries. A car accident lawyer will work hard to ensure you are compensated for all your losses. This includes past and future medical expenses, current loss of wages and future earnings, and the suffering and pain you have suffered as a result of the accidental injuries. Car accident attorneys estimate the amount of damage for common car accident injury Cases you should expect to be recovered in court and at a settlement if you consult them.


The number one reason to hire a car accident attorney is to have peace of mind. During the setting legal representation won’t solve all your problems, but it will give you peace of mind that someone with the right knowledge and experience is looking after you. Only your lawyer can do that, not the insurance company, the police or the courts.