4 tips for hiring an attorney after a truck accident in Sarasota

A large truck accident in Sarasota has its own problems. These claims are often larger as major truck accidents result in more serious injuries and significant damage.

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles in 2020, there were:

• More than 101,000 accidents with injuries involving large trucks
• 107,000 large trucks involved in accidents involving personal injury
• 147,000 people injured in serious truck accidents
• 302,141 million miles driven in larger trucks

Between 2019 and 2020, the number of fatally injured large trucks even fell by 4 percent. In addition, the number of larger trucks involved in accidents involving property damage decreased by 21 percent.

Despite the decline in the number, amount of miles that large trucks travel each day, and the risks involved, serious and catastrophic accidents can still occur on Florida’s roads.

If you’ve been involved in an accident with a large truck, you want to make sure you have the right agency. Here are our tips for hiring a personal injury attorney to help you with your truck accident claim in Sarasota.

1. Find an attorney who understands Florida law
Truck accidents can prove complex due to federal and state laws. Florida Statute 316.302 has established rules and regulations that owners and drivers of commercial vehicles must follow on public roads.

For example, for interstate travel, the driver must be over 21 years of age. A trucking company can only hire drivers who are fluent in English and can read and understand road signs, write reports and communicate with officials. Also, all drivers must have a valid CDL license and a secure driving history.

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2. Find an attorney who has experience with truck accidents
As with any other accident, the injured party can also demand compensation for pain and suffering and damages in a major truck accident. You can claim compensation for medical bills, surgery, rehab fees, loss of income, loss of future earning capacity, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, wrongful death, and mental distress, among other things.

In extreme cases, you may also be entitled to punitive damages if you can show that the other party acted intentionally to cause damage. This is also known as acting in bad faith.

3. Find an attorney with the financial means to handle this
Claims Truck accidents often require assessments and investigations into what could have happened if the truck malfunctioned. A lawyer with the right financial resources and expertise can easily handle these cases and use their network of witnesses and professional investigators to prove the details of your claim.
4. Find an attorney to keep in touch
When you’re dealing with the aftermath of a truck accident and you’re in the middle of a complex claim, you want a personal injury attorney who will be able to communicate with you every step of the way. You don’t want to be left in the dark about your case.

Some people like to have daily updates and discussions detailing the process, while others just want to be in regular contact with the base for fact-checking and an update. However, if you decide to proceed, you want to make sure your personal injury attorney is on board with your wants and needs.

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As you can see, the right Sarasota personal injury attorney can ultimately save your case. You have the experience and resources to proceed with a commercial truck accident. They ensure an investigation into the collision is conducted to determine who should be held liable and keep you informed of everything pertaining to your case.