4 universities successfully promoting global health equity with their master’s programmes

Public health plays an important role in maintaining the overall well-being of society. From developing vaccines to improving policy, from preventing disease to promoting healthy eating, the impact of a public health practitioner is far-reaching.

In one analysis, there were 92 distinct occupations from more than 38,533 job postings aimed at hiring public health graduates or that existed within the public health workforce. The public is a large, diverse, and expanding field that will continue to grow post COVID-19 and in anticipation of future outbreaks.

Some US public health schools are at the forefront of nurturing the next generation of health professionals. With partnerships around the world to a vast network of industry connections, public health students will leave these universities as global change-makers.

Below are four top US universities offering transformative masters degrees in public health:

Source: University of Saint Louis

Source: University of Saint Louis

Saint-Louis University

Saint-Louis University (SLU) College for Public Health and Social Justice is the top choice for those pursuing a master’s degree in this field.

Besides being one of the best Jesuit universities in the world with a strong social justice mission, SLU College of Public Health and Social Justice is also ranked in the top 25% in the US by US News and World Report 2022-23.

Here SLU a Masters of Public Health – one of the oldest and largest programs in the Midwest – providing connection to a vast network of public health alumni and leaders for hands-on experience and job placements. CEPH-accredited concentrations are 48 credit hours each and take two years to complete – including Behavioral science and health equity, Biosecurity and Disaster Risk Reduction (also available online), Bio Stats, epidemiology, Worldwide Health, health management and policy, maternal and child healthand Public Health Practice (also available online).

In addition, students reside on a beautiful urban campus in one of the most affordable metropolitan areas in the country. You’ll save thousands of dollars in living expenses, especially rent, and graduate with a fully accredited degree recognized by prospective employers coast to coast – and even internationally. Graduates pass the public health certification exam with rates of over 90% on the first attempt, also well above national rates. To learn more, click here.

University of Washington

Source: University of Washington / Facebook

The University of Washington prides itself on its experiential approach to learning and offers students internship, volunteer, and capstone opportunities. Source: University of Washington / Facebook

The School of Public Health In the University of Washington (UW) is over 30 centers and institutes, five departments and five interdisciplinary courses. With collaboration, innovation and community at the heart of their mission, UW students will keep going Solving the biggest public health challenges and improving health equity in local and international communities.

Students who complete their MPH with UW receive an accredited degree from Council on Education Through Public Health (CEPH). Some of these courses include: MPH in Community-Oriented Public Health Practice, MPH in Environmental Health Sciences and MPH in Health Care: Health Systems and Political Concentration.

UW prides itself on its experiential approach to learning and offers students internship, volunteer and capstone opportunities. These are set up to ensure that students gain hands-on experience by integrating what they are learning into a public health work environment.

The main program Global Health was ranked #1 The Best Public Health Degrees by College Choice in 2022. So was the university Ranked 9th among the best graduate schools in public health by US News and World Report.

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University of Arizona

Source: University of Arizona/Facebook

The University of Arizona is the first and only state-accredited public health college in the state. Source: University of Arizona/Facebook

That Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health is at the University of Arizona the first and only accredited public health college in the state. Here the students can expect a interdisciplinary professional MPH degree that serves as a stepping stone to her career.

MPH students can choose from nine on-campus majors as well as three online majors. Similar to Saint Louis University, students also have the option to pursue one out of six dual degrees offered in partnership with other colleges of the university.

In addition, the university actively conducts research projects covering a wide spectrum Research Focus. Although most of these projects are research-intensive, the university strives to incorporate community capacity building to ensure that the target community continues to benefit even after funding has ceased.

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Florida State University

Source: Florida State University/Facebook

Students enrolled in the MPH programs at Florida State’s College of Social Sciences and Public Policy prepare students for a lifelong career in public health. Source: Florida State University/Facebook

Enrolled students of MPH programs at The College of Social Sciences and Public Policy in the State of Florida The university prepares students for a lifelong career in healthcare. Their programs are innovative and focused on providing the best education to aspiring public health professionals.

The college offers students a variety of Bachelor and postgraduate courses in five disciplines – epidemiology, statistics, environmental health science, health policy and management, and social and behavioral sciences.

Apart from that, the university also offers a fast track degree – Combined BS-MPH trail. This path is designed for students who want to accelerate their undergraduate studies while getting a jump start on their graduate studies.

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