5 Android features you should use more often

You probably use your phone frequently for many things like communication, entertainment, education and more. They are handy little gadgets that have many uses, so much so that sometimes you miss some of the features. Here are some that you should try and use more of.

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1. Wi-Fi Direct

It’s unusual that Wi-Fi Direct doesn’t get enough attention as it’s a fast way for you to transfer files to another device. Compared to Bluetooth or uploading your files to a cloud and then downloading them from another device, you can use Wi-Fi Direct instead.

All you have to do is stick the two devices together and the files will transfer over Wi-Fi. The transfer rate can go up to 30Mbps, which comes in handy when you are transferring large files or have a lot in queue.

2. Controlling Your Data Usage

Carrier fees for mobile data usage can suck a huge buck out of your wallet, so you need to keep an eye on your data usage every now and then. However, sometimes people get lost and continue to use data, causing their phone bills to skyrocket.

You can actually set a data usage limit for your phone to be tracked so you don’t have to, as mentioned by GreenBot. Go to your data usage menu to set a data limit for your billing cycle. You can adjust how much data you have left before the system warns you about reaching your limit.

3. Using guest mode

If, for some reason, your phone frequently gets into someone else’s hands, you might worry that they might be snooping around in your personal files. Before you hand over your phone, you can actually use guest mode and the system will appear like it’s brand new.

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All your apps and files are invisible until you sign in again with an authentication method of your choice. You can find it in your settings under Advanced and multiple users. Unfortunately, this feature is not available for Samsung users.

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4. Prioritizing important notifications

Any app you have installed on your phone can bombard you with multiple notifications in a day, making important notifications easy to get lost in the mix. The thing is, you can use Android’s priority notification system to help with this problem.

In priority mode, you’ll get notifications from apps you choose and ignore the rest. You can even set up priority exceptions for calls and texts from specific numbers, so you can ignore someone by not even allowing them to appear on your phone.

5. Focus mode

Notifications are undeniably distracting. When you’re trying to focus on a specific task, a notification ping can throw you off track. Luckily, you can put your phone in focus mode to silence all those apps that make you pay attention to them instead.

You can find it in the Digital Wellbeing section of your System Preferences, as mentioned in Computer World. You can then choose the apps to be muted for a duration that you can set a schedule for.

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