5 Best Tips to Get More Headshots in Call of Duty Mobile

Modified March 25, 2023 5:35 PM IST

In intense first person shooter (FPS) games like Call of Duty Mobile, getting more kills has always been a huge challenge for players. The more kills you can get, the better you are as a player. Headshots are one of the best ways to get more kills in COD Mobile. They deal you more damage with single shots and you can easily get more kills faster. But to achieve such incredible results, having a strong goal is crucial. More and more incredible players are joining Call of Duty Mobile every day. Only brilliant flashes and outrageous punches will help you win more games against such a diverse field of competitors.

This guide contains some of the best tips to help you aim better so you can get more headshots and therefore more kills in the game. Therefore, you must improve your game as well as your rivals. The best COD Mobile hints are provided here to help you get more headshots.

4 Tips Other Than Point and Click to Help You Get More Headshots in COD Mobile1) Do the exercises

When trying to get more headshots in Call of Duty Mobile, always remember that practice makes you perfect. The game offers many shooting and practice exercises. In these, players can practice their aim by shooting at moving targets like dummies and other things.

As you practice your skills, try playing with all the different weapons. It is impossible to predict what weapon you will get in the game. You will become comfortable and gain the skills to handle them comfortably through practice with a variety of firearms. There is no better way to improve in any sport than to invest a reasonable amount of time in practice.

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2) Correct placement of the crosshairs

Adjusting your crosshairs during gameplay can be challenging. To power up your headshots, you need to lock the crosshairs at enemy’s head height, although it may be difficult to properly hit a moving enemy.

By positioning the crosshairs correctly, players can significantly reduce their time to kill enemies. The quicker you can adjust your crosshairs, the more likely it is that the enemy will fall victim to you. You and your team will both benefit from this significant time saving and end up winning the game.

3) Bullet Drop

Most players often tend to neglect important things like bullet drops. This, in turn, allows them to fire more shots than usual to easily finish off an enemy. The problem is, the more time or shots it takes you to kill your enemy in an open field ranged fight, the greater the chances that the enemy will send you to respawn.

If you attack your enemies from a long distance, the bullets will lose their ability to move farther or faster. Many players seem confused as to why, despite aiming for the head, they are not getting any headshots. That’s what caused it. In ranged combat, players should only aim at their opponents’ heads to resolve this issue. This will allow you to get a cleaner headshot and also prevent bullet drops.

4) Pick Guns have a longer bullet travel

Longer range weapons are always an advantage when trying to increase headshot percentage in Call of Duty Mobile. There are many weapons in Call of Duty Mobile like SMGs, shotguns, rifles and more. All of these weapons have specific stats that help players in different types of battles.

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Those attempting to increase their headshot percentage in COD Mobile should always opt for weapons with longer bullet movement stats that they are comfortable with. You can use these weapons in melee or ranged combat. Weapons with longer flight speeds allow opponents to be eliminated without coming into direct contact with the public. As a result, you will no doubt increase your headshot percentage.

5) Point and click

There are two types of aiming devices in Call of Duty Mobile. Some of the players choose to aim with the wrist, while others stick with arm aiming. Higher sensitivity players will opt for wrist aiming, while lower sensitivity players will opt for the other. However, all of them use the other types of aiming every now and then.

Now if you want to master headshots in Call of Duty Mobile, you have to practice these two types of objectives and try to incorporate them into your game. In practice sessions, try to position yourself and focus on wrist aiming first. You’ll see how naturally arm targeting talent will develop once you’ve mastered it.

For Call of Duty Mobile, these are some of the best strategies to increase your headshot totals. To become a headhunter in this game, try to put these skills into practice and incorporate them into your gameplay.