5 “CleanTok” Gadgets That Will Make Your House Look Stunning

We all love a good satisfying TikTok cleaning video beautifully categorized by the “CleanTok” hashtag. The ones where they soak a gray carpet and it turns out to be white at the end? Perfection.

@kimber.key Sometimes it takes more effort to muster the energy to get the job done than the actual job. #mopping #steammop #bissellpowerfresh #cleantok ♬ Original sound – Kimber Key

Unfortunately, most of the tools used by these popular CleanTok accounts are professional tools that are too expensive to purchase and too large to store. However, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Here are some consumer-grade alternatives that, with a little elbow grease, can help you create your own satisfying before-and-after photos.

Hoover Cleanslate Spot Cleaner

Most fancy spot cleaners cost around $100 in rent and will give you great results. But if you’re spilling stuff on your couch all the time or have a busy schedule, the Hoover Cleanslate ($349) is super effective with a little effort. Simply fill the solution tank with water and some of the solution provided, use the trigger to spray the liquid onto the affected area and scrub vigorously.

The way it works is that the detergent starts to move the stain, you move it with the brush and you avoid mold growth as the vacuum attachment sucks up all the extra water. After about an hour of work, I managed to turn my dad’s extremely gross 20-year-old couch from an almost black appearance from years of skin oil to a bright red appearance that looked about five years old. It’s still gross, but it no longer fills my body with horror when I touch it, and that’s pretty good for an hour’s work. A different treatment made the main pillow look almost new.

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The big lesson here is that you can get expensive for a quick, low-effort option, but if you save some cash, you can still get the same CleanTok-worthy result and top-notch strength training.

You can also get the Hoover Cleanslate from Amazon if you want to save some money on your CleanTok journey.

Tineco Carpet One Pro Shampoo

Carpet washers can be rented at most major supermarkets for a hefty fee, but for an even higher fee ($999) you can keep this carpet washer, which I swear has real magic powers. It has an all-digital screen with a built-in tutorial and walks you through how to use it, making it super easy to use.

Basically, you take out the water tank, put the solution in, set the auto mode to shampoo the carpet, and then switch to dry mode when you want to dry it. There’s also an attachment you can plug in if you’re cleaning smaller stains or really want to get into a stubborn stain. The Carpet One Pro is for you if you have bigger problems than the more affordable Hoover Cleanslate can handle.

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I tested it on my dad’s entryway carpet and managed to remove stains that had been there for almost 30 years in just five minutes. It required almost no effort, and while it’s tiring to treat an entire room, the results are so stunning I’d say it’s worth every penny.

Before using the Tineco Carpet One I figured my parents needed a new carpet or maybe an exorcist to get rid of all those stains. Now? They look practically new. The shampooer even got a year-old red wine stain out. Splendid.

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Godfrey’s official eBay store also stocks the Tineco shampoo if you don’t have a store nearby.

Dyson V15 detection

Dyson vacuums are extremely expensive and massively overpriced, but absolutely worth the money. If you’ve never vacuumed your mattress, put on either the hair screw tool or the fabric and mattress tool, vacuum, and rewind in horror at how much skin and dust you’re getting out of it. The new model’s suction power is much stronger than last year’s V11 and you can really see the difference. It doesn’t change the look of the things you have so much, but seeing that trash can after you’ve vacuumed areas you wouldn’t have looked twice before is so sickeningly satisfying that it basically counts.

Other satisfying areas to vacuum include the weird no man’s land behind various furniture with the Awkward Gap Tool, and you can even vacuum your dog before he sheds with the pet grooming kit.

You can regularly find the Dyson V15 Detect on sale at the following online retailers:

Philips sneaker cleaner

The Philips Sneaker Cleaner ($49.95) is basically just a giant electric toothbrush for your shoes, and I was initially skeptical of how much of a difference it would make using just a regular brush from a Crep Protect Sneaker Cleaner Pack. However, I used Sneaker Cleaner to clean a pair of my favorite sneakers that were so caked with mud after a bike ride I was pretty sure I would have to throw them out and they now look like nothing ever happened happens.

A satisfying before and after. Source: Alice Clarke

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They don’t look quite new because they’ve been my everyday sneakers for over a year and this sneaker cleaner isn’t a miracle cure, but the before and after was so impressive (think of this video, which is representative of the CleanTok trend) that definitely seems worth recording.

I also used them on a pair of white UltraBoosts and it got rid of all the city dirt that was making them look gray. To get that really satisfying before and after video, you can also use white boost paint to touch up the soles.

Bissell Powerfresh Lift-Off steam mop

If your tile or hardwood floor is looking a little dull and sad, it could be that time has worn them down or they’re just lightly caked with tiny dust that has discolored them. Or stubborn stains have settled.

This steam cleaner has the least user-friendly interface I’ve ever seen, but once you get it up and running it can work magic. I’m not sure it’s worth owning one of your own unless you have a specific use for it, but having a common floor shared by a few households or borrowing one from somewhere can be make a big difference in the cleanliness of your flooring. especially if you have babies (of the coat or skin varieties).

Even if you have no ambitions to become a CleanTok creator, these devices all deliver incredibly satisfying results and help you clean your home.

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