5 measurement apps for Android devices that might come in handy in 2023

There are measurement apps to help you when you need to measure something but can’t find a ruler or tape measure.

They may not be quite as accurate as your trusty tape measure, but they will still give you a reasonable estimate of the length or distance of what you need to measure.

With that in mind, here are some of the best measurement apps for Android devices that we can find.

1. Simple measurement

EasyMeasure can measure not only the dimensions of an object, but also the distance between an object and you, provided you point your phone’s camera at it.

The Educational App Store points out that EasyMeasure bases its measurement calculation on the height of the camera and the tilt of the phone.

The main function of the app is distance measurement, which allows you to measure everything you can see in both metric and imperial units.

2. AR Plan 3D

According to Lifewire, one of the most advanced measurement apps for Android devices on this list and in the PlayStore is ARPlan 3D.

You can use the augmented reality measurement tool it offers to determine the size of a room simply by measuring the height of the wall and the perimeter of the floor.

The software then uses these dimensions to create a complete 3D model of the room, which you can then save as a PDF, JPG, or DXF file.

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3. GPS field area measurement

As it makes good use of already existing technologies, GPS Fields Area Measure is one of the most amazing measurement apps for Android.

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Just launch the app, choose your start and end points and click Start Measurement to start measuring a distance or an area using GPS data, as the program’s name suggests.

Hence the Educational App Store claims if you want to measure a field or you are a farmer, developer, architect or anyone else this is the app for you.

As this app demonstrates, there will come a time when, thanks to advances in global positioning systems, everything can be accurately measured.

4. Quick measurement

To accurately measure your selected item or room, the Quick Measure app uses your phone’s camera and augmented reality capabilities.

According to Android Headlines, you can see the measurements and tools in front of you when this app is activated.

With this app you can measure the distance between your phone’s camera and your desired location, as well as length, width, radius and circular planes.

It also gives you the ability to measure 3D objects, find the distance between two specific objects, and measure a person from head to toe.

5. AR ruler app

The AR Ruler app, which also uses augmented reality, can use your phone’s camera to bring the tape measure to you.

Android Headlines says the app’s developers are constantly improving it so it can deliver the quality measurement it needs.

With this program you can set angles at 3D focus points, such as B. Corners, measure from a distance between your camera and the measuring point.

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