5 Ways Realtors Can Increase Sales Through Digital Marketing

A recent survey showed that more than 90 percent of home buyers use online media to find properties that meet their needs. That number has grown significantly since then, and as the online real estate market becomes more and more competitive, digital marketing is one of the best ways to reach the target audience and get more leads and sales. One of the first turning points for real estate agents looking to be recognized online was the use of social media. Across multiple social media channels, real estate professionals have been able to build a brand and a thriving business, from buying Facebook ads to uploading photo albums of new listings.

Speaking exclusively to BW, Jay Rathod, Founder of Koffeetech Communication said, “A good digital marketing plan ensures real estate agents can generate leads, build a reputable database of clients they know and trust, and ultimately drive sales through targeted efforts boost and follow them-up strategies. The digital platform is a comprehensive internet marketing and promotion package. With each new move, a real estate company gains digital presence and becomes visible to people around the world.” Rathod says the strategy will help real estate agents increase their property sales to generate better income.

1. Implement location-specific digital marketing:

One of the most effective real estate marketing strategies is to target specific areas as much as possible. One effective method is to use geo-targeted digital ads that show real estate listings from real estate agents for people in a specific location. Geo-focused marketing is the most successful way to create brand awareness in a local market. Focusing on specific locations can significantly improve your results and generate more business than focusing on broader, more general areas.

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Real estate agents may choose to display different materials in their advertisements based on geographic location to reach people most likely to be searching for homes in that area. Instead of trying to be the best agent in the country, why not focus on a specific neighborhood? By focusing on their local market, a real estate agent can run ads that speak directly to the people and culture of their neighborhood and demonstrate their intimate knowledge of the area.

2. Email Marketing:

An effective digital marketing approach guarantees real estate agents are getting quality leads and that they have a solid follow-up process in place to quickly nurture and convert those prospects. Real estate agents prefer email marketing over other marketing strategies because it’s one of the best ways to do both. Building an email list is also a legitimate technique for them to grow their database and eventually have a larger warm audience that is easier to convert. Furthermore, unlike other communication modes such as social media or blogs, email allows real estate developers to have complete control over the communication path, analysis and audience segmentation option.

3. Development of a responsive website:

A flexible and well-designed website is essential to the success of an agent’s digital marketing efforts. Since many internet users are searching on mobile devices, it is important to make their website responsive as their website can display correctly on multiple screen sizes. Aside from making the real estate company’s website mobile-friendly, they should also make sure it loads quickly, displays any new listings with information that guides visitors through the home buying process, and links to other relevant services like lawyers, movers, and home inspectors. All of this can be taken care of by the right digital marketing company. So before a broker starts building their website, they need to make sure they contact you.

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4. Carrying out virtual tours:

Virtual tours are incredible content that can help bring a real estate company’s digital marketing strategy to life. Real estate photos are awesome, but movies are way better! Video content revenue is growing 49% faster than non-video content revenue. Investing in quality video content is the smart option if you want to increase sales. Rather than creating digital graphics, they can use actual footage of the property to create engaging virtual tours of properties they wish to sell. Real Estate needs to make the film responsive and engaging across all devices, including desktop and mobile. Virtual property tours that are user-friendly and work best in 3D. So they must try to come up with something.

5. Pay Per Click Marketing:

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a fantastic method for real estate agents who are trying to generate new leads based on ads that they pay for every time the ad is clicked. Because they only pay when someone clicks on their ad, PPC is a great digital marketing choice for real estate professionals looking for potential clients interested in their product. PPC advertising is often aimed at people who have searched for similar terms on Google or another search engine.

Selling a property is usually not an easy task for a company. Economic fluctuations have a strong impact on the ups and downs on the real estate market. Therefore, real estate agents need a good marketing strategy to make their business a success. Real estate companies can connect with potential buyers and sellers around the world using digital channels such as websites, social media and email marketing. This allows businesses to expand their reach and connect with more potential customers.

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