5 Ways to Enable Sound on Reddit Videos (Android, iOS)

Reddit is one of the biggest microblogging websites where you can discuss anything you want. You can join communities and talk about serious stuff, but I use it for memes. And if while browsing memes you find that the video has no sound, you are not alone. This is a common problem and today I’m going to share different ways to enable sound in Reddit videos.

Enable sound on Reddit videos

How to enable sound on Reddit videos

If you can’t hear the audio for a Reddit video, verify that the video actually has audio. The same is usually indicated by the speaker icon with a cross at the bottom right of the screen. When you tap on it, the message “Video has no sound” should appear on the screen. If it says so there’s not much you can do as the video itself is muted.

Otherwise, you’ll need to check if videos are muted in the Reddit app settings, if silent mode is enabled, and if media volume is muted on your phone. Check the methods below in detail to play Reddit videos with audio.

Method 1 – Mute Reddit Videos

When browsing Reddit on your smartphone in the official Reddit app, you may find that all videos are muted. Here’s a quick fix for that.

1. start the Reddit app and scroll to a video post.

2. Tap the small speaker icon in the lower-right corner of the video to unmute.

3. The sound will play through your phone and you can adjust it using the volume buttons.

Method 2 – Disable Silent Mode on Reddit for iPhone

If you’re using the Reddit app on your iPhone, you can turn off silent mode in Settings so the audio always plays while you’re browsing. Here’s how you can do that:

1. Open the Reddit app and tap the profile icon top right.

2. Beat settings in the hamburger menu.

3. In the settings, find the sleep mode. Turn off the switch.

This ensures that all videos play audio while browsing Reddit.

Method 3 – Check the volume settings of the device

There is a chance that your device’s volume is turned off and you cannot hear any sound in Reddit videos. Check if your phone’s alarm slider is set to silent or not. Some smartphones like iPhones and OnePlus smartphones have an alarm slider. If this slider is muted, you may not hear audio in Reddit videos.

Disable Alert Slider on OnePlus phones

OnePlus smartphones come with one Alert slider on the right. Check that the slider is in its down position. If not and you see the red mark, slide the knob to the lowest position. This disables silent mode. You can now hear audio in Reddit videos.

Disable the mute switch on iPhones

Apple iPhones have a mute switch on the left side of the phone above the volume buttons. Look for the switch, if you see an orange line across it, it means your iPhone is on silent. Just flip the switch and you’ll see an on-screen notification that the phone is now on ring mode.

Increase the media volume

There is a chance that your smartphone is not in silent mode but the volume is low and you cannot hear any sound on Reddit videos. Open settings on your phone and go to sound and vibration Section. Search here media volume. Adjust the volume to the desired level and you should now start hearing tones from Reddit videos.

Method 4 – Fix No Sound in NSFW Videos on Reddit

When you watch NSFW videos on your phone, you may not hear any sounds because the Reddit app mutes all NSFW videos. There is also a chance that the video contains no sound at all. You can use third party apps to watch NSFW videos with sound. Here are some third-party Reddit clients that you can use on your smartphone.

Sync for Reddit (Android)

Sync is a client for your Android devices that allows you to search Reddit with a beautiful map interface. Here’s how to enable audio in videos in sync app for Android.

1. Download and launch the Sync for Reddit app on your smartphone.

2. open that Hamburger menu from the top left button.

3. Beat settings and go to filter.

4. Here, uncheck the box for Hide NSFW posts Possibility.

You can now watch NSFW videos on Reddit with audio.

Apollo for Reddit (iOS)

Apollo for Reddit is a third-party client for iOS devices that allows you to browse Reddit and play videos with audio. This app has a very nice map interface for Reddit and there are also lock screen and home screen widgets for this app. Also, you can fast forward or rewind with the given options, stream the Reddit video and even download it directly.

Method 5 – Check if it is a GIF and not a video

An animated GIF is a series of still images, not a video. This medium is generally used for memes and does not contain audio. So check if it’s a GIF by tapping on the video. And as mentioned, you won’t hear any audio with GIFs. You can also use Boost for Reddit, which will automatically tell you in advance if it’s a video or a GIF.

Wrap up

These were the ways to enable sound in your Reddit videos on your Android or iPhone. I hope the guide above helps you watch all types of videos with their original audio on Reddit mobile app. If you find this useful, follow us on social media for more great smartphone tips like these.


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