7 Most Useful and Fun Tricks for Your FaceTime Video Calling on iPhone and iPad

Apple’s native video calling app offers a variety of features. FaceTime offers many useful features

FaceTime is the Apple-developed application for video calls with friends, family and colleagues. As a native application, it offers full synchronization and integration with the ecosystem of Apple products. But not only that, it also offers several functions related to other applications and other elements of the system, such as: B. Creating Live Photos from FaceTime and other additional tasks.

Apple has been improving FaceTime year after year, with the launch of a new update for iOS, iPadOS and macOS, the application has acquired very interesting new features that make it a wonderful alternative to other applications of the likes of Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Whether you use FaceTime for your personal video calls or for work or business, we’ve got a selection of FaceTime tricks, features, and benefits that will come in very handy for your iPhone and iPad.

Start a FaceTime video call with Android, Windows and other platform users

There is no doubt that one of the big changes to FaceTime was the ability to make video calls from Apple operating systems to Android, Windows and other platforms. You can now start a FaceTime video call with anyone else by creating a shareable link.

These are the steps you need to follow to make video calls from FaceTime to Android and Windows:

Open the FaceTime app. Press the “Create link” button.

One of the latest FaceTime updates includes support with other platforms

Change the title of your video call under “Add Name”. Choose a contact from your preference list, an application or copy the link to send it to the person you want.

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Once that is done, the user who gets the FaceTime video call link can access it through their web browser. You will not support all features of iOS, iPadOS and macOS, but you can join the video call. Something that wasn’t possible until recently.

Improve the clarity of your audio in FaceTime

This little FaceTime trick works similar to active noise cancellation on wireless headphones, but in reverse. That is, instead of leaving out the external background noise, leave out the background noise that you cause in a video call. This is a very useful feature, especially if you are doing a video conference at work. You can isolate your voice so background noise that could be preventing you from being heard clearly is not heard.

Here’s what you need to do to use FaceTime voice isolation:

Open the FaceTime app. Access Control Center iOS, iPadOS or macOS. In the Default Mode area, click either Microphone Mode. Finally, select the “Voice Isolation” option.

Speech isolation provides an opportunity to improve audio quality

Use SharePlay to share content in your video calls

Another more convenient FaceTime trick is to use SharePlay. This is a feature for sharing music, videos, and other content from your device’s screen over a FaceTime video call. Ideal for watching series with your friends and family who are not at home.

Follow these instructions to enable FaceTime to use SharePlay automatically.

Opens Settings on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Go to the FaceTime section. Access the Share Play section. Enable all SharePlay compatible apps.

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With the SharePlay function, you can share content in real time

When you start a video call, press the SharePlay button (an icon shaped like a screen and a person’s silhouette) to start sharing content from apps like Apple TV, Netflix, Spotify, TikTok, etc. you’re on In the middle of a FaceTime video call and open one of these applications, SharePlay is automatically activated.

You should be aware that some SharePlay-compatible applications require all contacts to have an active subscription in order to function.

Schedule FaceTime meetings on your calendar

One of the reasons we think Apple’s native apps offer greater ecosystem integration than the rest of the alternatives is for features like this. The calendar app is a wonderful tool to organize meetings and video conferences and get reminders.

Follow these steps to add FaceTime to your calendar events:

Open the Calendar app. Go to the date of your video conference. Press the (+) button in the top right corner.

The Calendar app in macOS includes notifications with a button to join a video call

Create an event and press location or video call. Select the FaceTime option.

Thanks to the FaceTime integration with the calendar, you can directly join the FaceTime video call when you receive a notification about this event.

Use Animoji and Memoji in your FaceTime video calls

Did you know you can use Animoji and Memoji with FaceTime to replace your face on video calls? It’s one of the most fun features of the app and it’s really easy to use.

Here’s what you need to do to use Animoji and Memoji in FaceTime:

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Opens FaceTime. Start a video call. Then click “Effects” in the bottom menu. Choose the Dashboard Memojis or Animojis and choose your favorite.

Using Animoji in FaceTime

Remember that you can create Memojis and Animojis from the Apple Messages application. It’s a very simple process and has a very high level of customization. In fact, you can even go so far as to create a Memoji with your own version of Santa Claus.

Make eye contact in your video calls

One of the FaceTime tricks that many users don’t know about is the ability to look the other in the eye in a video call, even if you’re not actually doing it. FaceTime uses a software algorithm that redirects your gaze from the screen to the camera to appear as if you’re naturally making eye contact with the participants in the video call.

To enable this feature:

Open the app settings. Then go to FaceTime. turn on the eye contact feature.

After enabling this FaceTime feature, your eye contact will look much more natural. But if you’re not convinced, you can always disable this feature for FaceTime video calls on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Thanks to these FaceTime tricks, features, and utilities, you can fully master video calls and be the real star of your virtual gatherings with friends, family, and co-workers.