73K of 80K seats at DU allocated, varsity to set up 2 control rooms | Latest News Delhi

Delhi University announced on Saturday that a total of 72,865 students have accepted the places offered to them through a new online admissions process.

Just over 150,000 students had applied to DU, and of these, the 80,164 people with the highest Common University Entrance Test (CUET) scores were allocated all available places at the university based on the courses and colleges for which they indicated preferences.

The university said it will announce the number of spots open at 5 p.m. on Oct. 25, and a window will open for candidates who accepted their spots in the first round to “update” their choices a second assignment list will be released on October 30 .

“Only candidates who have secured admission and paid fees will be considered for an upgrade for subsequent rounds,” the university said in a statement.

A third list will be published on November 10 if necessary.

DU officials had previously stated that students who did not accept their offers in the first round were removed and others will step up to become eligible and thus be assigned places.

The university said it would announce the number of vacancies on October 25 at 5 p.m.
The university said it would announce the number of vacancies on October 25 at 5 p.m.

Regarding candidate complaints about caste certificates uploaded to the university portal and rejected by colleges, DU officials said such candidates are considered in the non-reserved category, subject to space availability, noting that they give the students repeatedly advised to ensure that their required documents and certificates are in the required format.

Meanwhile, the university said it will set up two shared control rooms on the north and south campuses for a week from November 2 to ensure a smooth introduction of students to the upcoming academic session. “The university will establish two joint control rooms, one each on the north and south campuses, starting November 2 through November 11,” the statement said. The phone number for the north campus common control room is 27767221, while that for the south campus is 24119832, it said.

Registrar Vikas Gupta said the DU Inspectorate held a meeting with Delhi Police and senior university officials on Friday. “A number of important decisions were made at the meeting to ensure the maintenance of discipline and the avoidance of disorder on university and college campuses in this context. Colleges and departments have been urged to strictly enforce rules and regulations issued from time to time, particularly sexual harassment of women in the workplace,” Gupta said.

In addition, DU officials said anti-ragging posters in English and Hindi have been placed at strategic locations on campus. Colleges, centers and dormitories have been asked to restrict entry by outsiders and prominently post rules prohibiting frolicking in their respective facilities, they added.

“All college faculty housing have been encouraged to form an anti-ragging disciplinary committee and vigilance group, which will enlist the help of NCC volunteers and NSS students wherever possible to monitor ragging,” Gupta said, adding, that the penalty for ragging is suspension, disqualification, or annulment of the degree.

Police deployment is also a top priority, especially at women’s colleges, DU officials said. They said police pickets will be posted outside each college, in addition to the patrols in place to monitor and take quick action in the event of an untoward incident on campus.

“Delhi Police have given assurances that plainclothes policewomen will be deployed both inside the university and outside the premises of each college. In case of scuffles or teasing in the evening, the police deal with the perpetrators,” Gupta said.