8 Apps to Buy Tickets for Events from iPhone

Do you belong to those who like to go to concerts, sporting events or the theatre? Do you wish you could buy your tickets easily and without long queues at the ticket office? Then you are exactly right here. In this article, we introduce you the best apps to buy event tickets from iPhone.

Today, thanks to technology, we can do many things with our mobile devices, from organizing events and parties to events near your city. But that’s not all, because you can also buy tickets for your favorite events from the comfort of your phone, especially if you’re a fan of the shows.

These types of tools give you the ability to choose the best seats, see real-time ticket availability, receive notifications about upcoming events, special offers, and more. Do you dare to meet her?

Best Apps to Buy Tickets for Events, Concerts and Shows from iPhone Nyxell: Show off Entrance Fever – Activities and Events The English Court Tickets.com Groupon – Local Deals Near Me StubHub – Event Tickets Xceed – Clubs, DJs and Tickets Wegow: Concerts and Festivals Nyxell: Show entrance

Access the event of your dreams with just one click: buy your tickets at Nyxell

nyxell is an application to buy tickets for concerts, sports events and shows from your mobile phone. Within the platform you can choose the event of your choice, check the availability of places, choose the location and pay securely.

You can also learn detailed information about the events, time and place, and even save your favorites in a custom list.

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It’s free and you can use social sharing features and receive real-time notifications of exclusive promotions and discounts.

Fever – activities and events

Live the fever of fun with Fever: discover the best events and activities near your city

Fever is a popular, handy and useful app to buy event tickets from iPhone, especially if you are someone who is constantly looking for activities, concerts or distractions for the weekends.

On the platform you will not only get personalized recommendations based on your interests, but also exclusive discounts and promotions on tickets to movies, clubs, bars, theaters and more.

Additionally, it has a social feature that lets you see what events your friends are attending and meet people with similar interests.

The English Court

Don’t miss an event: buy your tickets now from El Corte Inglés

The English Court is another must-have tool for those looking for a fast and secure way to buy anything, especially event tickets from iPhone. The interface is modern and allows you to navigate intuitively, customize your search and find events near your location.

Best of all, you can buy your tickets from your mobile device without having to go to a store. You can also find out about the most outstanding events and check ticket availability.

Its payment system is secure and its customer service is very efficient, guaranteeing you a satisfying shopping experience.


Enjoy the event of your dreams: tickets in seconds with entradas.com

Tickets.com is a great place to buy tickets for sporting events, musicals, festivals, theater and more. With the platform you can search for events in your city, artists or dates and even get detailed information about the most popular celebrations.

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Buying tickets is quick and safe thanks to advanced privacy technology that guarantees total security. In addition, the platform acts as a social network since you can upload your photos from shows or the latest shows.

Groupon – Local Deals Near Me

Save up to 70% at your favorite places – find great deals with Groupon

Groupon is an application designed to find offers and discounts of 50% or 70% on local products and services, including buying tickets for evening shows and live events.

As with other apps, you can search and filter offers by location, category and price. You will also see reviews from other customers and compare prices before making a purchase.

In addition, the platform offers discounts of up to 70% for travel planning, restaurants, wellness and other services.

StubHub – Event Tickets

Live every moment to the fullest: Better events with StubHub

StubHub has become known as a mobile app that allows you to get tickets to events, concerts, sporting events and plays priced in the currency of your choice.

At the moment of entering the mobile tool, you can learn detailed information about the artists, places and times of the celebrations. All this while guaranteeing the protection of your data.

Not only that, you will also receive your tickets on time and in good condition. Although ticket prices can be higher than face value, the security offered by the platform is worth it.

Xceed – Clubs, DJs and Tickets

Discover the ultimate clubbing experience with Xceed: access to the best clubs, DJs and tickets in one app

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Xceed is another good alternative when it comes to buying tickets from iPhone. It is designed to offer an intuitive and safe experience under a comfortable and pleasant user interface.

Here you can not only discover and book high-quality tickets for concerts, festivals, events and venues around the world, but also buy at general prices and reserve VIP tables.

Best of all, its database has an extensive list of DJs and clubs, providing detailed information about each one. You can also follow your favorite artists and venues, and get exclusive discounts and priority access to select events.

Wegow: Concerts and Festivals

Discover the world of live music with Wegow: your app to find the best concerts and festivals

Wegow is a very useful and popular application for fans of live music. It has custom features to follow your favorite artists, get notifications about their upcoming concerts, and even filter by genre, date, or city.

In short, it’s a great tool to discover and buy tickets for music events from the comfort of your phone.

One thing to note is that you can meet other fans and see who’s attending the same events, a very cool feature that makes the experience of going to a concert even more exciting.