9 applications to watch TV for free on an Android phone

The pocket computer called smartphone that almost all of us carry with us is used for many, many things, and one of them is the ability to view all kinds of audiovisual content: from videos stored in our Android’s memory to series and movie streaming services are also going to television. Yes, you can watch live TV without a tuner using applications for it.

A quick search on Google Play gives us many results about apps used for watching TV, but after trying them we can find applications that either don’t work or have too many ads. We have decided to stay with nine that work. They do not abuse ads and offer good content both live and on-demand. Clarify here that we wanted to list official applications that save the latest alternative that came from a developer and released their app under free code.


RTVE has spent many years investing in good mobile applications and although it has cost them, the app they have now to watch on-demand content has everything we want from a public service television can expect: it is not necessary to register to access the content, if we are on a WiFi network we can cast content to a Chromecast etc.

The choice of content is very wide and serves both to watch your own series and other more informative content such as sports, documentaries, news or the historical archive if nostalgia grabs us. It’s free and doesn’t contain any ads.

RTVE a la carte Vodafone TV

The official application of Vodafone TV It has a good number of channels and allows you to check the schedule, as well as having the ability to broadcast content from your phone or tablet to the TV and vice versa. Both DTT channels such as La 1, Antena 3 or LaSexta as well as film and series channels are available, see AXN or FOX.

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Of course you have to be a subscriber to the service to access it, but if you’re a Vodafone customer and you’ve booked the package, it’s an app that can’t be missing from your smartphone.

Vodafone TV ATRESplayer

Atresmedia Player is an application that includes all the content of this communication group. That is, Antena 3, La Sexta, Nova, Mega, A3Series, Neox, Onda Cero and Europa FM. It offers us the possibility of watching live broadcasts as well as previous broadcasts.

Of course, what we cannot do is display the entire available catalog that is available on demand. For example, feature film series that are not self-produced have loose and disordered episodes, not all the content like we would see on Netflix, for example. The app is very easy to use, has a lot to do and also supports Chromecast connectivity.

ATRESplayer My TV

The other major media group in Spain has its own app to display its content. In this case, we get access to everything broadcast by Mediaset. In other words: Telecinco, Cuatro, Factory of Fiction, Boing, Divinity and BeMad. In this case we have no possibility to listen to radio stations.

The application allows us to watch both live and on-demand content, although in this second case we also have some limitations and not everything will be available. The Mitele app is free and has some ads, but it does the job well. On this occasion yes. does not have Chromecast support.

Orange TV

Operators have used their Invest in TV efforts to bring series and films to mobile phones as well. In the case of Orange Teleco, we have the possibility of watching live channels and content on demand in each of them. It also includes support for Chromecast if we want to see it on a larger screen that does not have the Orange decoder connected.

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We also have access to the wowaki video library to access their content and also rent movies or series. Obviously we need a contract connection to be able to use the service, otherwise the application is useless for us even if it is free.

Orange TV


Movistar+ is the official Telekom app, so everyone who has access to the TV content package can also watch it on mobile. To log in, we must previously activate this function on the company’s website and after a while we will receive a password to enter.

The content is exactly the same as on TV: all the series, the same movies and synchronized with our favorite content, so we can follow them and not have to search for them again. As a Movistar user, I have to say that the app works well and although it occasionally makes mistakes, it’s an application that every Movistar TV user should have installed.

Movistar Plus+ DTT channels

As a bonus, we are going to talk about DTT Channels, an application that has come back to life on the Play Store and that is worth downloading. It’s a fairly recent DTT player developed by Marc Villa and based on an open source project. The application is completely free, contains no ads and is safe to watch TV on the phone.

To download it we just have to access the TDTChannels website (or download it from Google Play) and download the latest APK. Once installed on your device, you will see all available channels and listen to the radio. As mentioned, the app is updated frequently, so the channels’ sources are up-to-date, facilitating uninterrupted viewing.

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TDT Channels Player plutoTV

PlutoTV is a free streaming service that includes more than 100 live channels as well as movies, series, documentaries and TV shows. Just like regular TV, Pluto TV integrates advertisements during playback, but that keeps it free.

Its main disadvantage, as we have already mentioned, is the advertising. But that doesn’t prevent us from enjoying this with quite popular content, and another not so much but of equal quality. Available on Android phones and TVs, it’s a good option if we want to watch TV from anywhere.

Pluto TV – Movies and Series