9 Fascinating Smart Technologies You Didn’t Know Existed

Technology has come an insanely long way, and every day it evolves and surprises us with its innovative solutions. A simple smartphone might be unthinkable for the people who lived a few decades ago. But for us this is normal. But have you ever wondered what other innovative pieces of tech exist that you might not know about? There are most likely a lot of them.

From wearable devices that monitor your health to smart locks that keep you safe, these devices are revolutionizing the way we live and interact with technology.

Maybe you’re the curious college student who wants to keep up with the latest smart tech bits and research more about them. You may be wondering, “Can someone write my essay for me while I explore all these gadgets?” There are many advanced website services that help such students to stop worrying about their homework.

Are you already curious to study the world of smart tech? At the end of the reading you will be amazed to discover some of the most incredible smart tech stuff.

Smart contact lenses

Although still in the early stages of development, they are contact lenses that can measure glucose levels in tears and transmit the data to a smartphone app. They are being developed as a non-invasive way to monitor blood glucose levels in diabetics.

Some smart contact lenses are designed to track eye movement, which can be useful for studying sleep patterns and diagnosing neurological disorders. They say that some of the smart contact lenses could potentially be an alternative to our smartphones and do many more things.

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Photo by Arteum.ro on Unsplash

Smart mirrors

A smart mirror can remind you of your smartphone, but it hangs on the wall and doubles as a mirror. These are mirrors equipped with sensors and displays to provide various information to the user. It can be the weather, headlines, and your to-do list for the day. They can also be used for virtual fittings of clothes or makeup.

There are also different sizes of these mirrors. So if you want to try it, you could get a small smart mirror for under $100 like B. the iHome Vanity Mirror. The features are the ability to connect to Bluetooth, lighting with integrated LED lighting, a USB charging port and a two-way speaker.

Smart bike locks

These are bike locks that can be controlled via a smartphone app and allow users to lock and unlock their bikes remotely. You’ll also get notifications if someone tries to tamper with your lock. This can be used for more security, which is always important, especially if you cycle to uni every day.

smart window

These are windows that can change their tint depending on the amount of sunlight and temperature. You can control them with the remote control and customize them to make your day as relaxing or productive as possible. Smart windows reduce glow and control the amount of natural light entering a room. It’s a great piece of engineering that allows energy efficiency to be improved by reducing the need for heating and cooling systems. This can help reduce energy costs and generate a smaller carbon footprint.

Smart sleep tracker

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These are wearable devices that can track sleep quality and duration. These devices collect all the necessary information about your body. This includes your heart rate, breathing, body temperature, any sleep disruptions, and even snoring.

Some trackers can even detect what stage of sleep you’re in and help you set off an alarm if your sleep isn’t too deep. If you have trouble sleeping, this can be a good solution. Their main goal is to provide users with recommendations to improve their sleeping habits.

Smart pet feeders

Imagine feeding your pet remotely when you are at school or on a little vacation. These are automatic feeders that can be controlled via a smartphone app. And what they allow their users to do is dispense groceries on a schedule or even remotely from another location. You can choose the required portion of food to give to your pet so they don’t overeat.

Sometimes people forget to feed their pets on time. But this technology could help create and maintain a strict schedule so you feed your pet at the same time every day. Typically, these feeders cost close to or even less than $100, making them an interesting and available thing to try.

Smart toothbrushes

You know what an electric toothbrush is. But now there is also a smart toothbrush. These are toothbrushes that use sensors and machine learning to track your brushing habits. They can provide personalized recommendations to improve oral hygiene.

Here are some cool things smart toothbrushes can do:

Track brushing habits: Smart toothbrushes can track how long and how often the user brushes their teeth. It gives insight into cleaning habits and offers improvements. Give real-time feedback: You can give advice on how to brush your teeth. They warn users when they’re brushing too hard, missing certain areas, or not brushing long enough. Connect to mobile apps: Many smart toothbrushes can connect to mobile apps. It allows a user to track and improve their brushing habits. Plus, set goals and receive personalized recommendations to improve oral hygiene.

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Photo by Filip Baotić on Unsplash

Smart herd

Do you love to cook? With the new herds, it can be even less stressful to control everything. These are cooking appliances that can be controlled via a smartphone app. They allow users to monitor and adjust cooking times and temperatures, and receive notifications when food is ready.

Smart Pens

Smart pens like Livescribe Echo allow you to record audio as you take notes. This can be particularly helpful during lectures and when researching a topic. A student can go back and review the audio to make sure they didn’t miss anything important. Later they can use the notes for their assignments.


The world of smart tech is constantly growing. There are always new and innovative gadgets to discover. From smart mirrors to smart pet feeders, you’ve explored some of the most fascinating smart tech parts you might not even know existed. They are all created to make our life easier and more fun. Whether it’s monitoring our health, securing our home, facilitating learning, or making our daily routines more efficient, smart technologies should be considered.

This story by Shelley Rosett