9 Great Voice Recording Apps for Android and iOS

While the native voice recording app works fine on your smartphone for the most part, if you’re looking for additional features like live transcription and noise cancellation, you’ll need to download a specialized third-party voice recorder. Luckily, there are many options when it comes to audio recording, and you’ll easily find an app that suits your task. In this article, we will introduce you the 9 best voice recorder apps for Android and iOS.

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Dolby On: Record audio and music

Dolby’s dedicated audio recording app lets you professionally record music, podcasts, voice memos and more. Dolby On offers a range of effects such as noise reduction, limiting, spatial audio, EQ and more. If you don’t have a microphone available but still want high-quality sound recordings, Dolby On is a great app to record with. With the audio editor that comes with the app, you can improve the sound quality after the recording is over. You can tweak volume, boost richness, and use other effects to achieve optimal quality before releasing the recording.

Otter: Transcribe Voice Notes

Otter is a great voice recorder app to record and transcribe lectures, meetings and more. Otter efficiently transcribes the voice recordings created with the app and is even able to produce live subtitles for meetings, lectures and seminars. If you want to share the recording with your colleagues, you can use Otter to summarize the session, highlight text, format the transcription, and identify different speakers in the recording. You can invite collaborators to edit the meeting. While most of Otter’s basic features are free to use, the premium subscription offers some additional perks.

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With AudioShare you can manage all the audio recordings on your phone in one place. You can also use the app to record any type of audio – be it music or speech – using an external microphone or your phone’s built-in microphone. AudioShare can play and record at 96k, 48k, 44.1k, 22k, 11k, and 8k sample rates. AudioShare gives you an incredible level of control over the editing process, as you can apply different effects like fade in and fade out, trim the audio recording and even leave notes if needed.

Simple Voice Recorder

If you are looking for a simple, no-frills voice recording app, go for Easy Voice Recorder. This is a great everyday app to record meetings, lectures and music with your phone. The recordings are not time-limited and you can save the file in compressed formats to save disk space. The accessible widgets and shortcuts make it easy to start recording audio within seconds. With WearOS support, you can also record audio with your smartwatch.

River bank

If you want to record podcasts on your smartphone, a simple voice recording app is not enough. Riverside is one of the most popular apps used by podcasters to record audio on the go. One of Riverside’s better features is that you can record up to 8 individual tracks, making it easy to edit once the recording is complete. If you plan to record a podcast with multiple participants, it’s extremely convenient to record their voices on separate tracks. Riverside also offers automatic transcription for your voice recordings.

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Smart Voice Recorder

This easy-to-use app has all the basic features of a regular voice recorder with a higher level of accessibility. With Smart Voice Recorder, you can record audio in high quality without worrying about the length of the recording. One of the unique features of the app is that it can detect silence and automatically cut it out of the final recording. There’s also a live audio spectrum analyzer on offer, and you can even adjust the audio sample rate.

Google recorder

Google’s own voice recorder is currently only available for Pixel 6 or newer devices, but will likely roll out to other Android phones in the future. This app provides accurate live transcriptions of voice recordings and can recognize multiple speakers and tag them accordingly. You can search within the audio or edit specific parts with ease. What sets Google Recorder apart from other voice recording apps is that it doesn’t require an internet connection to transcribe.

Rev Audio & Voice Recorder

Not satisfied with the result of automated speech transcription? Get a Human! Rev Audio & Voice Recorder charges $1.50 for human transcription and guarantees 99% accuracy. Your ordered transcriptions will be sent to you by e-mail. Apart from that, the app offers all the features of a regular voice recorder like a high-quality recording and playback engine, background recording, in-app editor and more.

Voice Recorder Pro

For pure dictation purposes, Voice Recorder Pro is one of the best apps out there. There is no recording limit other than your phone’s storage space. You can record audio in four different formats – MP3, PCM, AAC and AMR. If you don’t necessarily want to record high quality audio but want to save storage space, AMR should be your format of choice. The app also allows you to change the sample rate (8kHz – 44kHz) and bitrate (32 – 320kbps). There is support for mono and stereo recording with the option to also record in the background.

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These are our picks for the 9 best voice recorder apps for Android and iOS that you can download right now. Most of these apps are free to use, however some may come with certain exclusive features locked behind a paywall. Some of the apps also offer cloud storage options in case you don’t have enough storage space on your smartphone.

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