A major reason why Web3 adoption is lagging behind

How many of you surf mobile? I use it 90% of the time when interacting with new Web3 projects. Every time I do it, it’s a roulette – whether or not the connect wallet button opens a popup (and there’s a 50% chance here that it doesn’t).

Then when Wallet Connect triggers a native wallet selection (usually it does), when the selected wallet loads a sign prompt (mostly wallet dependent), and finally when the sign approval navigates back to the website where the the wallet is successfully connected (again a 50% chance, which also depends heavily on the browser).

If you ignore all intermediate procedures, there are several steps where your user experience will suffer and the conversion rate for the selected web3 product will drop. Such an obstacle is unimaginable on Web2 these days, because in this case you pay 10 times more for marketing, which hurts your unit economy.

This onboarding responsibility is shared between Wallet Connect SDK, Web3 website builders, mobile wallet apps and mobile browsers. What can go wrong? 😁

I recently tested 0xFrens Dapp and I want to use it as an example. They are using Wallet Connect 2.0 with a new updated user interface. I use Chrome + Trust Wallet by default.

Chrome because one of the most popular browsers out there (and of course I have 10 other alternatives including native crypto variants but most users don’t)

Trust Wallet – because its Android app works best among all other competitors so far.

As a result, selecting Trust Wallet opens a new page asking you to download the app, finds an actual app in the next step, requests a signature, but returns to the previous page without connecting my wallet to the dapp.

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If you select Rainbow Wallet, it crashes on the second try. Forces me to switch to desktop browser or a browser in the wallet app itself.

This is not a problem for early adopters or experienced web3 users. But imagine a user who just installed their first wallet a week ago.

If you’re a Web3 creator and have a connect button on your site, are you measuring a churn rate from non-Web3 native marketing channels? I won’t be surprised if it turns out to be crazy.

Trust: Crypto & Bitcoin Wallet – Apps on Google Play

Binance Official Crypto Wallet: Store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, BNB, NFT

Rainbow Ethereum Wallet (BETA) – Apps on Google Play

A fun, simple and secure Ethereum wallet that makes managing your wealth fun.

It will take time for tech and dapps to catch up. It takes time for the user’s attention to change. But at the moment this fact came to me as a need to share and report such broken experiences. And I encourage you to do the same 🔥