A new feature in the Netflix TV application, the fight against pirate sites continues on Google, this is the roundup of the week

Netflix pleases subscribers with a long-awaited new option, Google uses a new method of delisting pirate sites, the vote to ban the sale of thermal cars in Europe has been postponed from Germany, this is the summary of the week.

While other streaming platforms have offered this feature before, Netflix finally lets you customize your subtitles on the TV app. While Pure Storage presents its SDD project with 100, 200 and 300 TB by 2026, Fairphone brings an update 7 years after the launch of its Fairphone 2 and Google blocks pirate sites via a new de-indexing method by IP address.

300TB SDDs coming soon

Pure Storage has made clear its goal to manufacture 300TB SDDs by 2026. “Our plan for the next two years is to take our competitive position in the hard drive market to a whole new level,” said the American company’s chief technology officer, Alex McMullan. Until then, Pure Storage also plans to produce 100TB and 200TB drives. It remains to be seen what prices to expect…

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Credit – Behnam Norouzi/Unsplash Netflix finally lets you customize subtitles

Subscribers have been asking for this feature for a long time and Netflix has finally granted their wish: since March 9, 2023 you can finally customize the subtitles of your TV application. With this update you can change the style, size, background and color of your text. Note, however, that these style options are only available for certain languages.

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Thanks – 123RF Google blocks millions of pirate sites

The fight against illegal downloads continues and Google tightens the screws even further with a new de-indexing technique. The search engine now classifies pirate sites based on their domain name, but also based on their IP address. While it will always be possible to access illegal download sites, circumventing the restrictions is becoming increasingly difficult for pirates.

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Fairphone wants to make its smartphones as environmentally friendly as possible

If Apple offers updates on its devices several years after their release, Android smartphones don’t have the same luck. The only manufacturer that stands out is Fairphone, which just released a software tracking record with an update for the 2015 Fairphone 2. The Android smartphone maker isn’t dethroning Apple, it’s proving that it wants users to be able to keep their device for as long as possible.

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Germany opposes ban on sales of thermal cars in Europe

While the 27 member states of Europe were supposed to vote in Brussels a few days ago on a ban on the sale of thermal cars, Germany used its veto right to delay the entry into force of the text. Germany is not categorically opposed to this, but expects alternatives and commitments in favor of e-fuels from the EU Commission.

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Imprint – 123RF 2 Our tests of the week Vivo X90 Pro: performance, elegance and long battery life

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For 100 euros less than its predecessor, the X90 Pro is a high-end smartphone with a chic design, high performance and excellent temperature management. Its autonomy has been improved compared to the X80 Pro and charging is even faster. During our testing, we liked the very handy widgets in the interface and were pleasantly surprised by the rendering of the photos. Warning, the X90 Pro is not without flaws. We regret that Vivo has dropped the gimbal stabilizer and periscopic telephoto lens. When you open the box, don’t expect headphones, they are no longer included.

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Surface Pro 9: a good ultraportable, unfortunately still in “kit” formula

Realizing that Microsoft offers here a good PC, pleasant to use and very elegant, we regret that this product is still sold in kit form. The screen is well calibrated, heating and noise are controlled and the autonomy is excellent in its ARM version (it leaves something to be desired in the Intel version). However, we would have liked the audio part to be a bit more sophisticated and expected more performance for the price of the PC.

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