A new popular app is now available for Android Auto and CarPlay

The March Madness Live is therefore getting CarPlay and Android Auto just before the first game, which is due on March 14th.

As anyone can easily find out, March Madness Live support for the two platforms does not allow drivers to watch games while the vehicle is in motion.

This is blocked by default on CarPlay and Android Auto as no video application can run when the car is moving. Companies limit car software to audio to reduce distraction behind the wheel.

Hence, March Madness Live application comes to CarPlay with live game audio. This means users can listen to their favorite games directly from the head units in their cars while driving.

For Apple users, the app requires at least iOS 16.1.

The number of apps alongside Android Auto and CarPlay is growing continuously. Warner Bros says one of the reasons these platforms are becoming more attractive is their increased adoption in the automotive market. More than 98 percent of new cars sold in the US are said to come with CarPlay and Android Auto.

As a result, software developers can no longer ignore the addition of support for both, missing an important opportunity to appeal to a growing audience of users.

Both Google and Apple are working around the clock to make their software available to more drivers. As adoption of Android Auto and CarPlay increases, the two companies are aiming for greater in-vehicle integration.

Android Automotive is Google’s long-term big bet. It’s an operating system that enables the full behind-the-wheel infotainment experience, with services like Google Maps and Google Assistant gaining access to more features. For example, Google Maps can access battery range, while Google Assistant can even control the air conditioning.

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Apple, on the other hand, is fine-tuning the new generation of CarPlay. The new CarPlay, due to launch in MY 2024 vehicles later this year, will leverage all the displays in a car. CarPlay will bring the in-vehicle experience in line with the iPhone, as drivers will be provided with new features and a redesigned user interface, including widgets. Similar to Android Automotive, CarPlay will allow automakers to customize the experience to maintain brand identity.

The new CarPlay requires new hardware that will only be available for vehicles from MY 2024 and later. Therefore it is not possible to bring it to models already on the market, as the current version of CarPlay remains the only option for existing vehicles.