A picture of the upcoming Vivo X Flip has been leaked, revealing its design

The flip and foldable design industry is becoming increasingly competitive and the Vivo X Flip will soon be the latest entry. This device will be Vivo’s fourth foldable device to launch in the coming months. Details of this device are still unclear at this time, but the official images have been leaked.

This leak leaves little room for imagination as far as the cover of the flip smartphone is concerned. Like most other Flip devices, this upcoming entry from Vivo comes with an impressive cover display. Vivo will be sure to slap some software features onto this cover display to make it workable for users.

In this way, Vivo makes the cover display usable for certain tasks with the device folded. What are the actual specs of this device and when will it be released? At the moment it’s only possible to vouch for the design of this device and that’s all you need to know.

Vivo X flip cover design and screen cutout were recently revealed in a leak

Popular and reliable tipster Digital Chat Station used their Weibo account to share a picture of this device. The upcoming Vivo X Flip has been in the shadows for a while, but it’s finally gearing up for an official appearance. Finally netizens have a taste of what this clamshell folding device will look like ahead of its launch.

The tipster shared an image of the device in a model’s hand via his Weibo page. This image appears to be a promotional item for the upcoming device. To substantiate this, the picture appears to have been taken during a photo shoot and the model is the popular Wang Ziwen.

Zooming in on the image will reveal detailed details about this upcoming foldable device. The first notable feature that will catch your eye is the cover display, which turns out to be larger than that of the Z Flip 4. It can measure over 3 inches, just like the OPPO Find N2 Flip device.

But unlike the OPPO Find N2 Flip, this clamshell folding device from Vivo comes with a landscape screen. From this screen, users can control certain widgets and check the time and most notifications. The present image already shows some details that can be seen through the landscape-format cover display.

With this device, Vivo sticks to its circular camera cutout and also brings with it an impressive design pattern. The Vivo X Flip comes with a dual rear camera cutout, with the flashlights placed further to the right. Of course, this device comes with Zeiss branded camera lenses to capture incredible pictures.

Instead of sticking with a flat finish on the back, Vivo threw up some textures and patterns. This helps the device look more attractive and may also improve grip. More information on the design and specifications of this device will be made available in the coming weeks.

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