ABCUSD Trustee Soo Yoo Spreads Racist Memes During Interview With Falun Gong

March 14, 2023

By Brian Hews

The community newspaper Los Cerritos has learned that ABCUSD board member Soo Yoo conducted an interview with the right-wing misinformation, anti-China and pro-Trump media empire of Falun Gong on the NTD channel – which also publishes the Epoch Times newspaper , which disseminated racial right-wing talking points in her bid to be elected vice president of the California Republican Party.

It’s another tirade from the scathing trustee, which includes slamming Latinos for having quinceaneras and telling African Americans “to get over slavery.”

The video interview started slowly but then built into a crescendo of racist memes often used by the right to drive a wedge between school parents, teachers and staff.

The Epoch Times and its affiliates have a sizable right-wing media presence, with tens of millions of social media followers and an online audience rivaling those of The Daily Caller and Breitbart News, with a similar mission, the online swamps of misinformation to feed far right.

The organization became popular when it began supporting Donald Trump in 2014, treating him as an ally in Falun Gong’s fight against the ruling Chinese Communist Party. Coverage of US politics became more partisan, with more articles explicitly supporting Mr Trump and criticizing his opponents.

An investigation by The New York Times found that the organization grew by relying on questionable social media tactics and spreading dangerous conspiracy theories, creating a global misinformation machine that has repeatedly brought fringe narratives into the mainstream, including Spygate and QAnon -theories.

But apparently, Yoo didn’t care about the right-wing misinformation or the reaction of her peers and constituents when, on March 10, she shared with NTD, the Falun Gong TV station, the article titled “Asian-American GOP Candidate Wants to Stop California’s ‘Lawlessness.’ interviewed and mayhem.’”

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Interviewer Steve Lance immediately revealed that he knows little about California politics, opening by saying, “Ms. Yoo, you have your finger on the pulse of conservative Republican politics in California, how is the state of Republican politics in California.”

Yoo came closest to state politics when she ran for the newly drawn 67th Assembly District in 2022, losing to Sharon Quirk-Silva by 7%.

Yoo replied, “California is currently 46% Democrat and 23% Republican with 23% having no party preference…but I feel… As far as California politics goes, we really don’t have a plan.

“It’s a crime to do nothing when we know what’s happening to our next generation: indoctrination, consensual sex, and the decline of public safety. We all know drug dealers come across the border. We let all the drugs and chaos into our own homes.”

Lance then asked: “If you want to become the dominant party, you have to get a lot of Democrats to vote for you. How are you going to do this?

Yoo took a pamphlet to illustrate her point, awkwardly flipped the pages and said, “I could close the 17% difference (between her and her victorious opponent Quirk-Silva) with a message about the truth and what is happening in our schools overcome because of the liberal policies that allow pornography, pedophilia and sex education in our schools.”

“The academic level is declining because of the common core; The math level drops sharply and there is no incentive to work hard, especially if you are Asian. It’s uncomfortable racism; Even if you get a perfect score, as an Asian you can’t get into higher colleges. True patriots need to stand up and fight this culture war.”

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Lance then cited Chicago’s crime rate and how it affected the mayoral race and asked if that’s happening here?

“California is 45% Latino, 15% Asian, that’s 60%. They are actually more conservative than they think; They don’t know they’re actually Republicans.”

Yoo went on to rant about progressive liberals and how they “driven the party to the left and left their people behind.”

“I talk to Democrats all the time, I tell them they’re homeless. The party has left you; Look at the result, suddenly they wake up and their 16 year old wants to change. You are God, do what you want with your body, say the liberals, you want to be a man, be a man. Parents will panic about it, and it will drive change.”

Hinting that she could leave the school board seat she recently won in 2022, Yoo said: “The leadership of the state party needs me, I will be their asset, be that compass to redirect the party that.” People need direction. “Hundreds” of grassroots people come out, if we the people stand up I think we can beat them.

“California Democrats are using union funds, using our tax dollars, and American companies are colluding with the government, it has to stop.”

And in a tribute to the 3 Percent and other right-wing groups, Yoo concluded, “We (the Republican Party) don’t have the money [to win]but if we, the people, stand up, they will depose this government and put in place a new government that serves the people.”

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