ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate Now Lets You Edit Faces and Skies with AI

ACDSee’s Photo Studio Ultimate 2023 update focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) features like new face processing and subject removal, making it more in-line with competing products from Adobe and Skylum.

Photo Studio Ultimate adds several new features, most notably two new AI-powered tools: AI Face Edit and Ai Actions.

AI face editing allows photographers of different experience levels to edit human facial features in photos, e.g. B. their general shape, eyes, nose, mouth and more.

The edits that can be made to a face are quite extreme and very similar to Adobe Photoshop’s neural filters, which have been criticized for being overly powerful and open to abuse.

ACDSee 2023
ACDSee AI Face Edit

That was two years ago, and one could argue that that fear has ever materialized. With ACDSee integrating the feature that allows editors to turn a frown into a smile, it will at least be something that becomes more widely available.

The new AI actions are described as a simple way to perform more complicated operations like selecting the sky, subject, or removing backgrounds with a single click. Sky replacement has become a fairly ubiquitous, expected feature in modern imaging platforms, so its inclusion here shouldn’t come as a surprise.

ACDSee 2023
ACDSee Sky replacement
ACDSee 2023
Remove ACDSee Background

The platform also adds advanced search with logic, improved and faster quick search, and a new photo merging feature that includes panorama stitching, HDR, and focus stacking. IT also has a new shape picker tool and tighter integration with Microsoft OneDrive.

ACDSee 2023
ACDSee Panorama Stitching

“The new features and enhancements help photographers edit and manage photos in a variety of ways, all on the fly. By leveraging the new AI capabilities and advanced search, photographers will find their processes run smoother than ever. Photo Studio Ultimate 2023 is the ticket to a future where artificial intelligence will help a photographer push their limits,” said Frank Lin, COO and CTO of ACDSee.

Of course, Photo Studio Ultimate 2023 carries on features from previous iterations, including layer editing, face detection and face detection, batch processing tools, RAW editing with support for 700+ cameras, color and tone wheels, a liquify tool, and more.

ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2023 is available now for $150. That’s a one-time cost that perhaps positions it as an affordable alternative to the subscription-only Adobe Creative Cloud.