Acer ebii is unveiled as the computer manufacturer’s first AI-infused electric bike

Meet the Acer ebii, a lightweight electric bike built by computer component manufacturer Acer. The company seems to be heating up with several innovative features that we’ve rarely seen in the e-bike industry.

Sometimes it takes an outsider to flip a handlebar product, and that seems to be the case with the Acer ebii.

This lightweight 35 lb. (16 kg) E-Bike has a number of gadgets and gizmos that we have yet to discover in the industry such as: B. a built-in AI that predictively controls the transmission and uses collision detection sensors for a safer drive.

There’s also a proximity unlock feature, which the company says “automatically locks your bike when you walk and unlocks it again when you’re close.” My Gogoro electric scooter has a similar feature, though that is a highway-capable vehicle.

Tracking features are built into ebii so you can keep an eye on it 24/7. If the bike is stolen, it can be locked remotely and located with the integrated GPS tracking device.

But don’t think you won’t find typical bike parts here either, because the Acer ebii still features high-end components like a belt drive instead of a chain drive, 160mm hydraulic disc brakes, and 360-degree LED lighting .

Airless tires are designed to eliminate the risk of punctures, and a Lefty-style fork does double duty as a conversation piece and a fancy weight saver.

There’s also a 460Wh electric bike battery that’s said to offer a range of up to 110km per charge. A top speed of 25km/h and a 250W rear hub motor ensure the bike stays within European and Asian power and speed limits. There is no hand throttle, meaning riders have to rely on pedal assist, which activates when the rider spins the pedals.

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It seems there is some confusion about the 2.5 hour charger that comes with the bike, as some in the industry seem to think it can also be used to charge phones and batteries. In fact, it’s the e-bike’s removable battery itself that can act as a portable powerhouse to charge your mobile devices.

The Acer ebii comes with several optional accessories, including mudguards and a luggage rack, although the extra-sturdy Y-stand comes standard.

No price is given yet, but the fancier components and innovative design will certainly push the price further north than the $1,500-$2,500 direct-to-consumer e-bikes that we generally sell several times a week bring to market.

There’s also no word on when exactly the Acer ebii will start production or shipping, but at least you can see it in action in the introductory video below.

Acer is one of the first electronics companies to jump into e-bikes, but it’s not the first to see the industry transition to two-wheelers.

We’ve recently seen many automakers trying to get in on the action as e-bike sales are edging closer to car sales in some areas.

Electrek’s take

Well, that was unexpected. The bike itself is an interesting take on a lightweight urban e-bike, but we’ll need to see a price tag before we know if it’s worth getting excited about.

What is perhaps even more telling is simply the fact that a large electronics company is getting involved with e-bikes. Could this be a sign of the future of the industry? How will it affect a crowded market already teeming with options that many would consider too many options anyway?

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I don’t have a crystal ball, but I’m definitely looking forward to watching and finding out with the rest of you!

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