‘Addictive dopamine hit’: Zerodha CEO shares views on social media platforms

Nithin Kamath, Founder and CEO of Zerodha has shared his views on social media platforms, calling them an “addictive dopamine hit”. He said the platforms can inspire people to get more likes and shares over a period of time.

According to Zerodha CEO, one of the most difficult tasks of his life is to build an audience without being consumed by social media platforms.

“Not being consumed by social media while trying to build an audience has been one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life. Likes & Shares’ dopamine hit is extremely addictive. Social media platforms have done a great job of making us feel this way,” the 43-year-old wrote on Twitter.

In another tweet, Kamath said he keeps reminding himself that content quality has a direct relationship with audiences, when one falls out, the other follows.

His Twitter post is a reference to his “extremely smart friend” who seems to be missing the social media game.

“I keep reminding myself that when the quality of the content goes down, so does the audience. To keep the need to say something at bay, even when there is none. I’m sharing this as a note to myself and also to an extremely smart friend who seems to be missing the point,” Nithin Kamath tweeted.

Kamath’s comments section was full of mixed reactions to his views on social media platforms. It has received over 3,000 likes and 170 retweets since it was published on November 6th.

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One user commented, “Best way to get more followers: Confront a popular guy. 1. When he replies, you can reach all his followers. 2. All his haters will immediately join you. Mind Voice: That’s how I got almost half a million followers.”

“At the end of the day, it boils down to an old adage… One can deceive; some people all the time… all people sometimes… but not all people all the time!” wrote another user.

“They didn’t construct anything. Just riding the human psyche of validation dopamine generation,” tweeted another user.

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