Advanced Health Intelligence: Executes Formal Agreements with Augmented Reality Concierge, LLC – Form 6-K

Advanced Health Intelligence executes formal agreements with Augmented Reality Concierge, LLC.

Advanced Health Intelligence Ltd (ASX:AHI) (NASDAQ:AHI) (‘Advanced Health Intelligence’) is pleased to announce that shareholders have signed a Master Services Agreement (MSA) with US-based Augmented Reality Concierge, LLC (‘ARC ‘) to inform. )

ARC is a unique company that develops and implements cutting-edge applications that enable consumers and businesses to simplify and enhance their environments while improving the lives of their consumers. Using the latest proprietary, innovative technologies, ARC’s creative tools are fun and exciting, so people can engage with them to achieve their goals.

ARC was founded in 2019 to develop a fitness application that uses augmented reality navigation to guide users around the gym, showing them what to do and how to do it, based on each gym’s specific range of equipment. During this time, ARC realized that the technology would solve similar problems faced by universities, airports, malls, grocery stores and theme parks, to name a few. ARC then went a step further and designed a true “concierge” concept that caters to all the wants and needs of a business or its consumers.

With the changing physical landscape brought about by the COVID pandemic, gyms, schools and many other businesses have been closed indefinitely. ARC wanted to expand the platform and its capabilities to provide a completely redesigned suite of AI/AR-driven outcomes and experiences. AHI and its state-of-the-art mobile-based scanning technologies were chosen to complete this vision and make the ARC app a reality.

ARC is currently integrating the AHI scans into the ARC app to create the world’s first one-stop health and fitness experience. The app includes a Body Vitals Meals concept that includes personalized meal plans created by registered dietitians, AHI scans to measure and monitor health and fitness results, and ARC’s proprietary virtual personal trainer, to be launched soon.

AHI and ARC have executed a standard AHI MSA that includes the legal and contractual terms in which AHI agrees to grant ARC the right to use AHI’s licensed software development kits (SDKs) and associated intellectual property once they are in integrated with the ARC application/platform.

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The MSA contains information and policies including Commercial Commitments, Software Development Kit, End User License, Technology Support and the Data Processing Agreement.

Vlado Bosanac, Founder and Head of Strategy at AHI said:

“It has been a pleasure working with Aaron Andrews over the past six months. The possibilities are endless with the combination of AHI’s technology, ARC’s patent-pending AR technology and TrainAR systems. The ARC intends to release the application in 3 phases, which Aaron believes will be the most advanced fitness app in the world. Having seen the first app and its appeal, I’m excited to see it live and release in the US this month. I encourage shareholders to visit the ARC website and review UX/UX Experience.”

Advanced Health Intelligence Ltd.

ACN 602 111 115

Postal Address: PO Box 190, South Perth WA 6951 Email: [email protected]

Aaron Andrews – CEO/Founder of ARC said:

“We are very excited to partner with AHI to expand our platform offering and bring this revolutionary technology to the world. AHI’s advanced scanning science is groundbreaking and is instrumental in helping us achieve our goal of providing everyone with all the tools they need to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. We can’t wait to get the ARC app straight into the hands of the public and we look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with AHI.”

Scott Montgomery, CEO of AHI said:

“The ARC is a perfect example of advanced health and fitness technology centered around the user, not an institution. The combination of AI and AR provides previously impossible experiences and accessibility by bringing health and fitness expertise to the users, not just the users come to the expertise. With the ARC’s sizeable reachable audience, this partnership delivers a unique health and fitness experience and demonstrates the scale of AHI’s technology and business model.”

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About Augmented Reality Concierge

Founded in 2019, Augmented Reality Concierge, LLC is a unique company that develops and implements cutting-edge applications that enable consumers and businesses to simplify and improve their lives. Using the latest proprietary, innovative technologies, ARC’s creative tools are also fun and exciting, and people love to engage with them to achieve their goals.

ARC specializes in providing augmented reality solutions for various industries. Augmented reality technology enhances real-world environments through the power of digital interaction and information, creating a more engaging and interactive experience for users. With its innovative approach, ARC empowers organizations such as health, fitness, wellness retailers, hospitality and education to transform their customer experience.

The company’s unique custom AR solutions are tailored to each client’s needs and requirements. Experienced AR developers and designers work closely with clients to understand their goals and deliver innovative AR solutions that produce real results. The company’s goal is to create AR experiences that are not only visually stunning, but also have a positive impact on the user experience.

The ARC is a leading provider of AR solutions that help businesses stay ahead of the curve. With its innovative and customized AR solutions, the company has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional results to its clients.

For more information on the ARC, visit

For more information contact:

Scott Montogomery, Chief Executive Officer

Advanced Health Intelligence Ltd

E: [email protected]

Vlado Bosanac Founder/Head of Strategy

Advanced Health Intelligence Ltd

E: [email protected]

*This announcement was made by the Board of Advanced Health Intelligence Ltd. approved.

About Advanced Health Intelligence Ltd

Advanced Health Intelligence (‘AHI’) provides healthcare providers, insurers, employers and government agencies with scalable health assessment, risk stratification and digital triage.

Since 2014, AHI has been delivering health-tech innovations using smartphones, starting with the world’s first on-device body measurement feature. AHI has developed patented technology that secures and brings forth the next frontier in healthcare digitization with a range of component solutions.

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AHI assembled a world-class team of machine learning, AI and computer vision experts along with medically trained data scientists to develop a comprehensive mobile-based risk assessment tool, culminating in:

• Assessment of body measurements and composition to identify the comorbidities of obesity, such as: B. Diabetes risk estimates. • Blood biomarker prediction, including HbA1C, HDL, LDL and 10-year mortality risk. • Transdermal optical imaging to display vital signs and cardiovascular disease risk estimates. • Dermatological skin detection on the device with over 588 skin conditions in 133 categories (including melanoma). • Personalized therapeutic and non-therapeutic health coaching to improve daily habits and build health literacy.

With a focus on impact at scale, AHI is proud to present this milestone in the digital transformation of healthcare, delivering a biometric-driven triage solution accessible on and via a smartphone. With these advanced technologies, AHI helps its partners identify risks in their consumers and place them in proper treatment pathways for proactive population-level health management.

This delivery of proprietary functionality heralds an era of affordable healthcare for billions of smartphone users worldwide. In doing so, AHI strives to put the power of opportunity in the hands of global communities and empower people to take control of their journey to better health outcomes.

For more information, visit:

* The integration and timing of the application and platform launch are subject to the ARC, which completes all the necessary technical aspects. AHI will provide all technical support and advice to help the ARC meet its target release date, but cannot control unknown delays in its partners’ delivery commitments. There will be no commercial impact on AHI until the ARC brings their product to market. AHI will provide another update for the market at this time.