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Based in Utah, AdvancedMD has a range of cloud-based medical software solutions covering areas such as practice management and patient engagement. Previously we looked at AdvancedMD’s medical billing solution, and today we’re looking at AdvancedMD EHR (opens in new tab). It has a national footprint with approximately 800 employees covering over 13,000 medical practices and interfaces with approximately 850 medical billing companies. But is it one of the best eHealth Record platforms (opens in new tab)? Read on below.

AdvancedMD EHR: Features

AdvancedMD is designed to make patient care paperless, with anytime, anywhere access to records. Specialists will surely like the templates that are designed for each subject and then can be further customized through the note or even the sub-note.

This solution also features “task donuts” so employees can focus on the volume of work. This is similar to a task manager, which keeps a list of critical tasks and can view upcoming tasks.

Electronic integrations are also available. We appreciate that digital faxing can be integrated along with e-prescriptions.

Finally, all of this can be tracked through analytics to provide an indication of efficiency and for clinical quality reporting.

patient portal

Almost every electronic medical record today has a patient portal to increase patient engagement and relieve front office staff. AdvancedMD states that they can perform the usual duties of communicating a treatment plan and providing instructions for prescribing, among other duties.

mobile phone, mobile phone

As a mature platform, AdvancedMD has several apps to support its cloud software EHR. While physicians will benefit most from the AdvancedMD mobile app to interact with patient records, there is also an app for the front office to handle appointment documents such as demographics and consents, and there is also a patient kiosk app designed for the iPad Patients fill out admission forms when checking in for an appointment.

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While we found an admin app and a patient check-in app on the Android side, we didn’t find the clinical app, which is a shortcoming since Android is the more popular platform. However, iOS is generally considered to be more secure (it’s not for nothing that the US President uses an iPhone) and the AdvancedMD Mobile app has a good rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. It has a clean interface, and we like that users can switch between screens, e.g. B. for the daily schedule, the incoming messages, the patient files for an office meeting and even the constant stream of pharmacy refill requests.

AdvancedMD EHR: support

We often get a bit suspicious when we can easily find phone numbers and direct emails for sales and general inquiries, but then it takes us to a support page under Technical Support, although there’s a phone number on that page too. We couldn’t find any direct support email, and it’s unclear if the chat is for sales only or also addresses technical issues. There are no hours or days of support listed, just a list of holidays when they close. There is a support portal that requires an “Office Key” to proceed to the next step.

Content is also available to help you expand your knowledge. This includes on-demand videos, e-books, product sheets, a blog, practice documentation and webinars to fit into the workflow of a busy physician.

AdvancedMD EHR: Prices

AdvancedMD EHR pricing, as we will point out in fairness, follows the path of some other EHR solutions where pricing is not imminent. Apparently, AdvancedMD knows people want the prices because there is a link for “Prices” right at the top of the homepage – prominently and prominently, no less. At first glance, when we click on it, it even looks promising, with two options, either “Create Bundle” or “View Preconfigured Bundles”.

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We first tried the “Show preconfigured bundles” options, they weren’t listed. Rather, it asks for a business email and phone number to learn more; we got no further.

However, if we choose to ‘assemble a package’ there is again a set of 14 questions and again it asks for proof of business. We continued with this one and got an award. However, while the questions are asked, there are no prices, and we felt like we were in a dealership while the vehicle is optioned without knowing the price along the way. For example, asking “Do you want to fax?” seemed like a better idea before we say $40/month just for this one feature when there are cheaper faxing options.

When it all added up, including the EHR at $350/month, plus 9 other options, the total was $1129/month at a 26% discount, with a monthly total of $835. Oh, and that was just for a single vendor practice we built!

AdvancedMD EHR: Final Verdict

The AdvancedMD EHR is an established offering with many preferences. We’re noting highlights like the dedicated app for office check-in on an iPad, the available integrations with digital faxing, the available mobile app that can support e-prescription refill requests, and that (although there are too many hurdles to to skip through) , and prices can be found online.

However, we balance that against some low points, including high prices, particularly for a la carte extras, difficulty finding the Android app, and slight confusion around support options with unclear hours of operation. While this might be a decent option for some, overall we wish there was a free trial to help make this a better decision.

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