Aftab Poonawala, Shraddha Walkar: Social Media Influencer Slammed For Making Reel On Delhi Murder: “This Is Insane”

Social media influencer slammed for making Reel on Delhi murder: 'This is crazy'

Aarush Gupta has a huge following on social media platforms.

The Shraddha Walkar murder case has sent chills down the spines of everyone across the country. The 27-year-old was allegedly killed by her partner Aftab Poonawala in Delhi in May this year. Aaftab chopped up Shraddha’s body into several pieces and kept them in a refrigerator for nearly three weeks before gradually disposing of them at various locations around the city over 18 days.

While the whole country finds it hard to believe that one man could commit such a horrific crime, one social media influencer is now apparently trying to capitalize on the opportunity to create viral content. The video creator, identified as Aarush Gupta, has been called “insensitive” by social media users for creating an Instagram roll about the murder case.

The video, shared by a Twitter user, showed Mr Gupta – without precise knowledge of the case – re-enacting what happened between the two lovers. He even used Om Shanti Oms Danstaan-E-Om Shanti Om Song in the background of the video.

“The Shraddha Walkar case is now an influencer reel topic. Trigger warning: violence, murder, abuse,” Twitter user Nirwa Mehta wrote in the video’s caption.

Watch the video below:

Although the influencer claimed at the end of the clip that his post was meant to spread awareness, netizens rightly called out his “sick” content and slammed Aarush Gupta for the part.

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“Not everyone is happy. Even if their motive was to raise awareness of the case, they could have done without it, this is a legal issue, rather a thorny one,” wrote one user. “This is sick,” said another.

“Is he trying to justify the crime b*****d committed in the name of love?” wrote a third. “Please take action against this sick person. This is not an awareness video, just insignificant likes and followers,” Fourth commented.

“This is crazy. They make fun of such a brutal case. Shame,” said another user while sharing Mr. Gupta’s video on the microblogging platform. “What kind of sick society do we live in?” wrote one other user.

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Aarush Gupta has a huge following on social media platforms. He has around 179,000 followers on Instagram and more than 300,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Coming back to the case, Aftab Poonawala was arrested earlier this month after Shraddha’s parents – who hadn’t spoken to her for a year because they were upset about their relationship – went to the police. Delhi police are questioning the 28-year-old over allegedly strangling his partner and sawing her body into 35 pieces, which he kept in the fridge for nearly three weeks before dumping them in a forest for several days.

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