After Schabusiness lawyer is attacked, sheriff plans more security at next court date

GREEN BAY — It could mean leg shackles or another officer in the courtroom, but the Brown County Sheriff’s Office plans to have extra security the next time Taylor Schabusiness is at the Brown County courthouse.

Schabusiness attacked her then-attorney Tuesday morning, triggering an adjournment of a scheduled court date so Judge Thomas Walsh could decide if she was mentally fit to attend her case. This competency hearing is now scheduled for March 6 at 8:30 am.

Schabusiness is charged with first-degree first degree murder and two minor felonies in connection with the February 23, 2022 murder and dismemberment of Shad Thyrion, a friend with whom she had a sexual relationship. Green Bay police claim they dismembered Thyrion’s body after she and Thyrion were on drugs and having sex.

Taylor Schabusiness assaulted attorney Quinn Jolly Tuesday in Brown County Courthouse in Green Bay. Schabusiness is charged with first-degree first degree murder, mutilation of a corpse and third-degree sexual assault in the killing of 25-year-old Shad Thyrion in February 2022.

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In court Tuesday, Schabusiness swung her handcuffed hands to attorney Quint Jolly before sheriff’s deputy Randy von Haden assaulted her. Schabusiness struggled to escape Von Haden but was able to keep her on the ground until a second deputy arrived from outside the courtroom to help.

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“He would have been justified if he had to use more force,” said Sheriff Todd Delain. “But he controlled the situation… (von Haden) was able to de-escalate the issue.”

Deputy Eric Weiler was the next to arrive; He had been called minutes earlier to help with a situation on the ground floor of the building. Moments later, the deputies spoke calmly to Schabusiness.

Schabusiness was bound at the wrists but not at the ankles.

That may not be the case when Schabusiness has its next gig, Delain said. He said MPs have yet to decide what approach they will use to keep sha-business under control.

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After the attack, Jolly told Walsh that he intended to apply for removal from the case.

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This article originally appeared in the Green Bay Press-Gazette: Sheriff Plans More Security After Taylor Assaults Schabusiness Lawyer