After Ugly Loss, Internet Declares Boise State ‘Glory Days’ Over

Nothing spared an ironic coincidence, just this week — 12 years ago in 2010 — College Gameday traveled to Boise, Idaho to broadcast from Blue Turf and broadcast statewide to Boise State on a stage they had never seen before of the season .

High-tech cameras stretched end-to-end across the blue turf in nothing short of an NFL-style setup — thousands of fans were lining up as early as 3:00 a.m. to get on board and watch live television , like major commentators Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso were on hand. It really was one of the special times in Boise, Idaho.

Many victories later and looking back, what happened on national television this week 12 years ago may well be the pinnacle for Boise State football for the foreseeable future. This program is now in full “rebuild” mode.

We don’t hate it, but it’s about time Boise State fans realized this is all part of the process and that it’s okay. Unfortunately, Boise State’s easy schedule has in many ways obscured the program’s steady decline in recent years, and new, it’s caught up with them.

Since when does Boise State lose to UTEP? What is a UTEP?

We don’t have to tell Boise State fans how annoying internet trolls were in our glory days: The schedule was never tough enough, the conference was never good enough — but at the end of the day, the likes of Dan Hawkins and Chris Petersen always did found a way.

The internet now revels in a Boise State program so long despised and doubted…

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Finally … there are always the vandals ….

Boise State needs to find a new way to “find a way,” and that could take time. With a major conference realignment taking place, the timing couldn’t be worse – will fans be able to stick with the Broncos?

Do you really want some chills? Check out this throwback to attending College Gameday in Boise in 2010 — the Broncos were legitimate contenders for the national title.

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