AI Shows Concerning Human Evolution

There is no doubt that technology is taking over the world. We are already in the era where we have humanoid robots that can speak, look and dress like us. We have machines that serve us in restaurants. The evidence is everywhere.

Technology has even made its way into the art scene. What used to be graphic design has now popularly evolved into NFTs. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now creating art too, as so many artists are using AI to create digital art. It’s the next big thing. An AI artist has created a video showing human evolution over time. The video has a chilling ending and is now going viral. Watch the video here.

AI shows human evolution with a dark future

A video made by an Instagram content creator and artist known for AI generated art as stated in his Instagram bio shows human evolution and is quite chilling. The 39-second video begins with a monkey as we were taught about evolution.

The video is very fast and showed the centuries of evolution in a matter of seconds – If you blink, you may miss something. The video begins with a monkey that evolves into a man and later into a modern human. The video doesn’t end here. It also has a terrifying ending.

After the quintessential modern man with a phone and modern clothes, the video goes even further to reveal the human-robot hybrids who then slowly morph into full robots. Later, the human silhouette also disappears and only a machine remains. The video is captioned: “Where are we going? Human evolution.”

People were shocked

Since then, the video has garnered many views on various social media. A Twitter user shared the video and wrote: “Human evolution from primates for pure information VERY cool original work (using AI diffusers) and by the artist Fabio Comparelli @intothefab.” And the video has been viewed more than 6 million times.

In response to the video, one user wrote: “Cool… scary too…” another added: “That ending! The symbiosis…”

One user commented on Instagram below the original video and wrote: “Ohh wow!!! Your work is so amazing, each piece forms an incredible sequence, it’s a theme and a question everyone asks, but your way of showing it is unique. ”

AI human evolution
Instagram screengrab

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