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AI startups raise funds: “OpenAI’s expected $29 billion valuation is just the latest signal of artificial intelligence hype, even as the tech industry faces layoffs and tough economic conditions. Investors poured more money into generative AI companies in 2022 than in the previous five years combined, totaling $1.37 billion, according to the Pitchbook. The excitement saw companies like AI text startup Jasper in October, about a year after its inception, was valued at $1.5 billion, and the Stability AI image generator reached a $1 billion valuation at the same time.”

The hype surrounding text-to-image AI models in Q3 2022 prompted rapid VC investments in the generative AI space. That didn’t stop transaction activity from falling for the overall AI and ML industry, however, where transaction value declined 46.7% quarter-on-quarter.

In our latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning report, PitchBook tracks 68 product categories, and only 20 are on track to grow VC funding in 2022, led by intelligent robotics, supply chain optimization, and conversational AI.

The report maps the market and points to emerging opportunities and startups to watch. Generative AI, neural search, and inference semiconductors are finding traction and picking up deals in the current market. Company focus on AI unicorns Databricks and DataRobot reveal their evolving M&A and partnership priorities.

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