AICTE launches QIP portal to empower stakeholders

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) Chairman Prof. TG Siharam launched the AICTE Quality Improvement Program (QIP) Admission Portal on 22 February 2023.

The QIP Admissions Portal can be accessed by logging in at The deadline for submitting the online application for admission to the QIP 2023 is March 25, 2023. This offers the incumbent faculty members of AICTE-approved institutions the opportunity to apply for Masters and PhD programs from renowned institutions such as IITs, NITs, etc . to be completed. This will be the first-ever program to allow faculty from administrative institutions to do PhDs in IIMs in the country. In 2023, 86 institutions across India are participating in the QIP admission process for the PhD and M Tech/ME courses.

S. No. Details Numbers IIT/IISC18 (17 IIT + 1 IISC) NIT’s18 IIM’s4 Central University4 Considered a University2 State University13 Colleges27Grant Total86 QIP Centers

The course number of departments for QIP 2023 is as follows

S. No. DetailsNumber of Departments PhD. Course offerings in the IIT283 M.Tech/ME Courses in the IIT81 PhD Course offering in the NIT183 M.Tech Course offering in the NIT101 Ph.D Course offering in the IIM31 Ph.D Course offering in all QIP Center782 M.Tech/ME course offering in all QIP Center322

The Government of India established the Quality Improvement Program in 1970. In the “Quality Improvement Program”, only sponsored teachers are eligible for admission to both masters and doctoral programs, with the aim of enabling teachers to pursue masters and doctoral degrees and acquire in them a culture of research and better pedagogical skills by providing the environment of the study institutes.

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dr Abhay Jere, Vice Chair, AICTE, attended the event online while Prof. Rajive Kumar, Member Secretary (AICTE), Dr. Ravindra Kumar Soni, Counselor II, AICTE, Dr. Neeraj Saxena, Consultant I, AICTE also attended program at AICTE Headquarters in New Delhi. Many institutions and QIP alumni from across the country who have benefited from the QIP program attended this event online.

Prof. TG Siharam, Chairman of AICTE, said: “I am very pleased to launch the AICTE Quality Improvement Program Admissions Portal for QIP 2023 accreditation. This portal will help thousands of faculty from AICTE accredited institutions to pursue PhD/MTech/ME from IISc/IITs/NITs leading to enrichment of teaching and learning in various institutions in India.” He added: “In the Commerce and management industries have benefited employees from Executive MBA, so AICTE has strived to achieve easy dissemination of such a service in the educational field to allow the professionals concerned to enjoy similar benefits in practice.”

Addressing the assembly, Prof Rajive Kumar, Member Secretary of AICTE said, “This QIP program is the oldest program in the Government of India. Since 1984, many faculty members have benefited from this program through AICTE. This portal will help keep all information/history easily accessible for everyone.”

From IIT Kharagpur, Prof. Debjani Chakraborty, the Main Coordinator of the National QIP Coordinating Committee (NQCC), attended the program at AICTE Headquarters. She thanked AICTE for this great initiative to oversee everything in a very simple and impressive way and for involving the faculty members of the AICTE recognized institutions in this program. She said that the main goal of this program is to “add value to engineering college faculties, and now they can improve their skills, knowledge and teaching skills.”

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