Akamai: Akamai Launches New Connected Cloud Platform: Details

Akamai Technologies, Inc. has launched Akamai Connected Cloud, a cloud platform for computing, security and content delivery that brings applications and experiences together and also provides online security. The new strategic cloud computing services and architectures will be available in Asia Pacific Japan (APJ) for developers to build, run and secure high-performance workloads closer to where businesses and users are connected online.
In addition, Akamai has announced four new enterprise-scale core cloud computing locations in APJ for 2023 in Chennai, Osaka, Jakarta and Auckland. Like Akamai’s existing 11 core locations, including core locations in Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Mumbai, the new regional locations will be plugged into Akamai’s backbone and connected to one of the most distributed edge networks. The new sites will contain cloud computing services acquired from Linode and will become the template for additional core sites that Akamai plans to roll out globally.
In addition to the planned new core locations, Akamai has identified more than 50 cities worldwide where it plans to begin rolling out distributed locations this year to bring essential cloud computing capabilities to hard-to-reach locations
The company also announced a new pricing structure. The new pricing structure is able to leverage the power of the Akamai network to lower the cost of cloud egress by bringing CDN-like economics to cloud data transfer.
Apart from that, compliance with the new ISO, SOC 2 and HIPAA standards is readily available. Compliance with the new standards reflects Akamai’s focus on the security of its cloud computing services and customer data within, and allows customers to move workloads between Akamai and other public clouds.
Akamai also has a Qualified Computing Partner Program. This new technology partner program is designed to provide Akamai customers with solution-based services that are interoperable with Akamai Connected Cloud. Services are delivered by Akamai technology partners who go through a thorough qualification process to ensure they are immediately available for deployment and scaling on the globally distributed platform.
“Akamai’s leadership position at the edge allows us to scale everything we touch: We scale content and bring digital experiences closer to users than anyone else. We scale cybersecurity and keep threats farther away from businesses and people. Our customers know us and trust us for this magnitude. Now we plan to scale cloud computing to offer customers better performance at a lower cost,” said Leighton.

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