Alec Baldwin’s Rust begins filming in Montana this spring

Rust’s producers announced Wednesday that they will be finishing the film at Yellowstone Film Ranch in Montana, with production slated to begin this spring.

Alec Baldwin is still on board in the lead despite being charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in New Mexico.

The filmmakers announced in October that they were completing the film, which has been on hold since the October 2021 shooting and murder of Hutchins. The announcement came as the production settled a civil suit with Hutchin’s widower, Matthew, who will become an executive producer.

They had previously said they would not be returning to New Mexico, but had not said where production would resume. Production was about halfway through when Hutchins was killed.

Like New Mexico, Montana offers a tax incentive for film production ranging from 20% to 35% of production costs. The hit TV show Yellowstone also shoots in Montana.

Yellowstone Film Ranch opened in June 2020 with a set dedicated to western filming. Other films shot there include Murder at Yellowstone City and The Old Way, starring Nicolas Cage.

The production released a statement from Richard Gray, Carter Boehm and Colin Davis, founders of the Yellowstone Film Ranch.

“We were deeply moved by the commitment and passion of the entire ‘Rust’ production team to fulfilling Halyna’s vision,” they said. “We learned so much about Halyna as a friend and colleague, the depth of her artistry and the lasting impact she had on so many. We are honored to play a role in realizing her vision and continuing her inspirational legacy by supporting this film.”

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Joel Souza, the director who was injured in the shooting, also issued a statement: “I am deeply grateful to Richie, Carter and Colin for inviting me to the Yellowstone Film Ranch in Montana. Your unwavering friendship, support and now partnership in completing Rust and honoring Halyna means a lot to me and our entire production team. The beauty of Montana is beyond words, and the warm hospitality and kindness of everyone I have met has been both humbling and inspiring. It is a privilege to work with such great partners as we are doing this on behalf of Halyna.”

Baldwin and “Rust” gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez Reed are scheduled to face charges in a Santa Fe court on Friday. They are expected to appear from afar. Gutierrez Reed is no longer involved in production due to the lack of working weapons used.

Baldwin is expected to appear in person at a preliminary hearing in Santa Fe. It appears that production will be completed before this hearing takes place.

The filmmakers previously announced that a documentary would be made about Hutchins’ life and the completion of the film.