Alex Murdaugh’s attorney calls the trial a “failure” of the judiciary


March 4, 2023 | 4:58 p.m

Jim Griffin calls the verdict against his client Alex Murdaugh a “miscarriage of justice”. TNS

A lawyer for convicted murderer Alex Murdaugh said he was “shocked” when the jury returned a guilty verdict so quickly, calling the end result of the sensational trial “a miscarriage of justice”.

‚ÄúThere was evidence for six weeks and there was so little evidence of the actual murders. There are no murder weapons. There are no damn clothes. There is no motive for the murder,” Jim Griffin told Chris Cuomo on NewsNation Friday night. “We thought the jury would have to work through a lot.”

A juror said it took the panel less than an hour Thursday to find Murdaugh, 54, guilty of killing his wife Maggie, 52, and son Paul, 22, in 2021.

“It’s not a consideration. It’s frankly worrying,” Griffin told Cuomo.

Griffin insisted to Cuomo that members of the Murdaugh family left the trial “more confident than ever that he didn’t do it.”

Alex Murdaugh’s attorney, Jim Griffin, told Chris Cuomo he was “shocked” by the speed of the jury’s deliberations.

When asked why Murdaugh, a disfellowshipped attorney, took the stand, Griffin called it an “Hail Mary” move. It came after Murdaugh admitted to lying about his whereabouts the night his wife and son were killed.

“Honestly, we had to give Mary an aha cheer by putting him on the witness stand to explain the lie, explain why he cheated, why he stole and his drug addiction,” Griffin said. “We hoped that jurors, whether family members or relatives, would have experience of how drug addicts lie, cheat and steal. And they would understand that. Obviously that didn’t work.”

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Murdaugh received two life sentences Friday.

His lawyers plan to appeal.

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